Feb 06

Weekly Update #338: Asset Progress

With the start of February, I decided to finally tackle the second chapter of GENBA no Kizuna and make as much progress on it as I possibly can throughout the month. And so far, things have gone rather smoothly and I’ve actually had a very productive week!

First off, I took care of some essential assets for the start of the chapter, such as the intro screen and the route selection screen.
I’ve decided to slightly adjust the chapter introduction screens in general, so I have also gone back to the others to update them.
Originally, all of them showed the silhouettes of our four investigators, but now, the prologue only shows Keiichi‘s silhouette, the first chapter the silhouettes of our four suspects, the second chapter the silhouettes of the two witnesses and so on and so forth.

It’s a tiny adjustment, but I think it still makes a difference, since now the silhouettes actually fit with the respective chapter titles.

As for the route selection screen, I had already worked on it last year, but hadn’t fully settled on its final look yet. Naturally, it was high time to change that, so this is what it will ultimately look like:

The currently selected character will be highlighted with a thick, green frame as well as a little Kira on top of it. If a character’s route has been completed, they will be grayed out and are not selectable anymore.

Outside of the above, I also finished the base sprites for our two witnesses and fully restored the new sprite variations for Amber, which I accidentally deleted last year “orz

With my part being done, they have been sent over to Natsu, so I’m going to share them as soon as she has properly colored them (except for the witnesses, since their identity shall remain a secret).

Now, with all of that done, I then went back to writing, took the outline I did last year, and began turning it into a proper script, starting with Keiichi‘s investigation route. Since this one introduces our two witnesses, I also wrote their character profiles and worked on their character introduction cards, all of which are more or less done.

So yeah, even though I mostly finished up things I started working on a while ago, it still feels as though I’ve taken numerous steps forward this week, which in turn makes me feel pretty good and rather motivated. My main focus is going to be on the writing now, but I will continue working on a few more assets on the side, so hopefully, I can show you more stuff soon!

Now, as always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care :3