Monthly Archive: August 2022

Aug 27

Weekly Update #419: 6th Anniversary Update

To think it’s been six long years already since our little murder mystery SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair was first released on PC and that we’re also getting closer to the one year anniversary of its console port… time really proceeds at an unrelenting pace! By now, our second project, GENBA no Kizuna, was long …

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Aug 26

Anniversary Sale 2022

Today, we are celebrating SHINRAI‘s 6th anniversary and, as is customary by now, that means we’re once again running a sale! If you’ve been wanting to play our lil’ murder mystery VN or know somebody who might enjoy it, now’s the perfect time to grab it!

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Aug 20

Weekly Update #418: Chapter 3 Beta-Testing

At long last, I’m finally able to go through the third chapter myself in its fully playable state! I’ll need at least one more day to finish my beta-test run, but the most complex and worrying part is already taken care of. There definitely are a couple of bugs left, mostly of the presentation kind, …

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Aug 13

Weekly Update #417: Anniversary Preparations

It’s a pretty busy time. Tomorrow is going to be none other than Raiko‘s birthday and, in just two more weeks, we are going to celebrate the sixth anniversary of SHINRAI‘s release! I’ve mentioned it so many times already, but time really does fly by so fast…

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Aug 06

Weekly Update #416: Chapter III Demo Progress & Stats

So, this past week, Natsu has finished coding the rest of the discussion phase, meaning that the third chapter is essentially playable now! Of course, there is still testing left to be done and, for the demo release, we’re going to include the next social phase as well, so let’s take a quick look at …

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