Monthly Archive: July 2017

Jul 29

Weekly Update #154: The Balance Between Fun & Realism

Over this past week, I have done some more editing on GENBA no Kizuna’s first Investigation Phase and started writing the intro scene for the second, which ends at the first point that will allow you to play as a different character than Keiichi, the officer-in-charge. It is here where the actual investigation starts, with …

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Jul 23

Weekly Update #153: 1st Investigation Phase Writing Done

As mentioned in our previous blog post, I’ve spent this past week once again working on the writing for GENBA no Kizuna’s first Investigation Phase (or chapter if you will), aiming to finish it by today. And I was indeed successful in that. I actually finished it yesterday and simply did some proofreading, editing and …

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Jul 16

Weekly Update #152: Writing Progress

A little late with today’s posting, which is mostly due to the fact that I have been so busy writing again. I really wanted to get another scene for GENBA no Kizuna done, so that I can send it to Natsu later and get her impressions. I’ve been mostly focused on the writing in general …

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Jul 09

Weekly Update #151: GENBA no Kizuna’s Structure

Originally, I wanted to do a little GENBA no Kizuna summary for today, compiling all the information we have unveiled over the past month into one informative post. Due to the recent summer sale, we have gotten quite a few new players after all. And they might be curious to learn more about our next …

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Jul 02

Weekly Update #150: GENBA no Kizuna’s Setting

So, Jurassic June has unfortunately come to a close. As a final conclusion to this month that not only celebrates the Jurassic Park franchise, but dinosaurs in general, I’d like to elaborate a bit more on what I have talked about in last week’s blog post: the reasons as to why we chose Jurassic June …

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