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Jul 13

Weekly Update #519: First Beta-Feedback

So, by now, we’ve heard back from the first couple of beta-testers who’ve managed to play through the entirety of GENBA no Kizuna. I don’t want to get into their impressions of the story, characters, mystery or really the game overall just yet. I’ll save that for once we’ve heard back from everyone. What I …

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Jul 06

Weekly Update #518: Steam Achievements

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, the beta-test phase for GENBA no Kizuna is now officially underway! The beta build is in the hands of our testers and although no one has completed their run yet, I did already receive some very helpful feedback reports! Now, while we continue to wait until we’ve fully …

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May 25

Weekly Update #512: Testing & Polish

As the title of this post already gave away, this past week, I’ve been primarily concerned with testing GENBA no Kizuna and refining it! Basically, I’ve started to go through the entire game from the beginning again to check if everything is in order, both on a technical level and regarding the script. I also …

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Feb 03

Weekly Update #496: Plans For February

So, my plan for January was to reach the halfway mark of the final chapter and, up until that point, get it ready for Natsu to code. Now, while I haven’t quite made it, it was a really close call, as I should be able to send her the zip package with all the assets …

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Jan 27

Weekly Update #495: The Differences Between SHINRAI & GENBA no Kizuna

Given that we’re slowly edging closer towards the completion of GENBA no Kizuna, I thought that, for today’s topic, I’d like to talk a bit more about what you can actually expect from our next murder mystery and how exactly it compares to SHINRAI. Because, even though both projects do have a lot of similarities, …

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Jan 13

Weekly Update #493: 1st Progress Update Of 2024

Before we get into this week’s update, here’s a little reminder that we recently published our progress summary for 2023 as well as our plans for 2024, along with an extra post over on Patreon with a few more personal words. So if you have missed any of that and are curious to know more …

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Jan 06

Weekly Update #492: Plans For 2024

Happy New Year!! We’re already one week into 2024 and so I hope that you had a very pleasant and already successful start into it! In last week’s blog post, I looked back at the entirety of 2023 and although a lot of cool things certainly did happen and a ton of progress was made, …

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Dec 23

Weekly Update #490: Merry Christmas!

Today, we’re just gonna have a super quick post again, since I’m currently very busy with a lot of things, given that Christmas is right around the corner now! Next Saturday, however, we’ll make up for that with a much longer post in the shape our annual retrospect. As always, I will take a look …

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Dec 16

Weekly Update 489: Credits & Working With Limitations

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, I have now moved on to working on the credits for GENBA no Kizuna. Just like in SHINRAI, they aren’t just a sequence of development categories and names, but get interspliced with some short dialogue exchanges between the characters you have met throughout the game. As such, they …

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Dec 09

Weekly Update #488: Main Script Done, Final BGM Sample, Commissions & Fanart

Alrighty, today, I’ve got a lot to share with you guys, so let’s jump straight into the exciting news! A couple of days ago, I wrote the final line of script before the start of the credits roll for GENBA no Kizuna! And not only that, today, I also essentially finished the secret bonus scene …

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