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Sep 23

Weekly Update #477: Writing Progress

As the title reveals, this past week was all about writing and I sure made quite a lot of progress! Honestly feeling really exhausted now, not just from today’s sessions, but kinda from writing in general. I think it’s about time for me to work on some art assets again for a change, but not …

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Sep 16

Weekly Update #476: Quick Progress Update

Very busy day today, with more stuff still left to do, which means that we unfortunately have to keep things on the short side again. So let’s jump right into our progress for this past week! Natsu has caught up with coding everything I’ve sent her so far. At least for the moment, because I’ll …

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Sep 09

Weekly Update #475: More Writing & Coding Progress

While Natsu has been diligently coding more of the remaining investigation routes, not only wrapping one up over this past week, but also getting closer to being done with another, I’ve continued dedicating myself to the script for the final chapter, slowly working torwards the pivotal part of the final discussion: the selection of the …

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Sep 02

Weekly Update #474: Plans For September

A new month has begun, so let’s talk about our plans for it, shall we!? If you’ve seen last week’s blog post, you already know that work on GENBA no Kizuna‘s final chapter has officially begun, so naturally, that’s what we’re gonna focus on throughout September! Well, I will at least. Natsu is currently still …

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Aug 26

Weekly Update #473: SHINRAI 7th Anniversary

So, today, it’s been officially seven whole years since our murder mystery SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair was first released. Which means that it’s been ten years since we started turning a story into a visual novel, that I have written twelve years ago! I could start ranting again about the quick, unrelenting passage of …

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Aug 19

Weekly Update #472: Chapter IV Almost Complete!

I’m officially on “vacation” now until mid-September, so for basically a whole month! Which really just translates to me having to spend 20 hours less every week on my part-time day job and dedicating all that time to VN development instead! And naturally, I want to make the most out of it, which I’ve already …

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Jul 15

Weekly Update #467: Script Progress

As you can see from the title, I’ve primarily returned to script work this past week. With the BG art for the backyard done now, I can finally finish up the investigation segment for it, so that’s one part I’ve spent a lot of time on: thinking up and writing the background examination comments and …

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Jul 08

Weekly Update #466: Chapter IV Progress Update

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, I’ve spent last Sunday fully dedicated to background art again and did, in fact, finally finish up both backyard BGs along with all of their variations! With this, almost all the BG art for GENBA no Kizuna is done! There is only one more location I gotta work …

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Jun 10

Weekly Update #462: 2nd Investigation Phase Progress Update

In last week’s blog post, I went into quite a bit of detail regarding GENBA no Kizuna‘s “fourth chapter” (or its “second Investigation Phase” as would be more fitting to call it), so if you’re curious about its length and structure and why it’s been taking us so long to work on it, be sure …

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Jun 03

Weekly Update #461: “Chapter IV” Structure

At long last, Jurassic June is once again upon us, meaning that I feel more excited and motivated than ever to continue working on our dinosaur-themed murder mystery GENBA no Kizuna! And given that we’re planning to finish it up this year, I think it’s also the perfect time to really start spending more thought …

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