Monthly Archive: March 2022

Mar 26

Weekly Update #397: Chapter 2 Feedback & Social Phases

Welp, this past week went a little differently than I initially expected. If you’re following my private Twitter account, you might already know, but last Sunday, I had to take a sudden trip to the hospital and undergo surgery one day later. I’m back home now and on my way to recovery, but needless to …

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Mar 19

Weekly Update #396: Chapter 2 Complete

Yup, we finally did it! Not only is GENBA no Kizuna‘s second chapter fully playable now, as of today, patrons can even try it out themselves and once again help us with testing and further improving the experience!

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Mar 12

Weekly Update #395: Super Quick Progress Update

Alrighty, today we’re once again only going to have a really quick update. I have fallen ill and am still in the process of recovering, so this past week has been a little bit sluggish, unfortunately. Progress was still made, however, and part of Himatsu‘s investigation route is now playable, while the rest will follow …

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Mar 05

Weekly Update #394: Plans For March

We’re one week into March, so today, I’m going to lay out our plans for the rest of the month! The main goal is going to be to finish the second chapter of GENBA no Kizuna and to provide patrons with a demo, so that they can once again help us with beta-testing. There isn’t …

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