Monthly Archive: May 2024

May 25

Weekly Update #512: Testing & Polish

As the title of this post already gave away, this past week, I’ve been primarily concerned with testing GENBA no Kizuna and refining it! Basically, I’ve started to go through the entire game from the beginning again to check if everything is in order, both on a technical level and regarding the script. I also …

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May 18

Weekly Update #511: Another Quick Progress Update

So, last week, I mentioned a huge zip package I was preparing for Natsu and by now, she has essentially already taken care of coding everything that was inside of it! The gallery illustrations still need to be properly placed and there is some checking/testing to be done in order to ascertain whether everything works …

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May 11

Weekly Update #510: Quick Progress Update

Yep, it’s a shorter post today, given how late it already is and how busy I still am. Since Natsu has just finished coding everything from the previous zip package I gave her, I really want to send the next one over ASAP. Thankfully, that really only requires some more double-checking, but it’s a lot …

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May 04

Weekly Update #509: Extras & Plans For May

Last week, I primarily worked on the credits and results screen for GENBA no Kizuna, figuring out how to handle the Detective Ranking this time around. Ever since then, I’ve moved on to the game’s extras section!

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