SHINRAI – Official Timeline

Note: This timeline contains major spoilers for SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair. It is therefore recommended to complete the game’s main story and extra content first before reading any further.


Year Date Events
2006 August 11 (Friday) – Kamen is wrongly accused of shoplifting and Raiko clears her name
– The two of them spend most of the day together and promise to meet again
August 12 (Saturday) – The Shinpukus leave for a one week trip to Yamabiko
August 14 (Monday) – It’s Raiko’s 10th birthday
– The incident resulting in Reiko’s death takes place
August 18 (Friday) – Just as promised, Kamen waits for Raiko at the park, but Raiko never shows up
2010 September 1 (Wednesday) – First day of school after summer break
– Runa has a bicycle accident and Hiro carries her to the infirmary
September 6 (Monday)
– Runa has fully recovered and returns to school
– H
iro shows interest in her and asks her out on multiple occasions throughout the week
September 12 (Sunday) – Hiro visits Runa’s home and realizes that the rumors about her family being rich are false
– The events of GENBA no Kizuna take place

September 13 (Monday)
– From this day onwards, Hiro suddenly ignores Runa
September 18 (Saturday) – Day 1 of the cultural festival
– Kamen has her grand performance
September 19 (Sunday) – Day 2 of the cultural festival
– Momoko has her grand performance
September 27 (Monday) – Hiro officially announces his relationship with Momoko to their class
October 9 (Saturday) – Hiro secretly meets with Kamen and confesses his love to her
October 10 (Sunday) – Kamen tells Momoko about what happened the day before, trying to warn her about Hiro
– Momoko doesn’t believe her and gets angry
October 16 (Saturday) – Runa watches her brother’s soccer team play against Katsuo’s
– After the game, her brother invites Katsuo and the three spend the rest of the day together
October 18 (Monday) – Rie hands out the invitations to her upcoming Halloween party
October 19 (Tuesday) – Momoko starts working on Hiro’s costume and finishes it by the end of the week
October 22 (Friday) – Kamen overhears Rie’s and Runa’s plans and wants to become involved
– After school, she tells Momoko about everything on their way home
– In the evening, the two of them have dinner at a restaurant
– While Kamen uses the rest room, Momoko checks her phone and finds Hiro’s messages
October 24 (Sunday) – Momoko meets with Kamen at the park and proposes to play a prank on Rie and Runa
– Later that day, the two of them meet up with Hiro and Momoko explains her plan
October 25 (Monday) – Momoko asks Kotoba to join in on their prank and he readily agrees
– She also proposes to Runa to dress up as Aya and Saya from Twin Sister Sacrifice
October 28 (Thursday) – Preparations and rehearsals for the party begin at the Miyamoto Mountain Resort
October 30 (Saturday)
October 31 (Sunday)
– All Hallows’ Eve
– The events of
SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair take place
November 1 (Monday) – The surviving party attendees are interviewed by the police
– Kamen is in a state of depression and refuses to speak to anyone
– She skips school during the next couple of days

November 5 (Friday) – Kamen returns to school, but still seems extremely depressed and doesn’t talk to anyone
– In the evening, Mika pays her a visit at home to cheer her up
November 7 (Sunday) – Hiro’s and Momoko’s funerals are held
Kamen’s Diary Entry A is written
November 11 (Thursday) – If Kotoba survived, he is interviewed by the police
– If he died in the fire, his funeral is held instead
November 13 (Saturday) – The events of the SHINRAI Epilogue take place
Extra Scene A and Extra Scene B take place
Kamen’s Diary Entry B is written
November 20 (Saturday) Raiko’s Diary Entry is written
December 23 (Thursday) – The Emperor’s Birthday (holiday)
– The events of SHINRAI – Withering Without Hope take place