Monthly Archive: January 2024

Jan 27

Weekly Update #495: The Differences Between SHINRAI & GENBA no Kizuna

Given that we’re slowly edging closer towards the completion of GENBA no Kizuna, I thought that, for today’s topic, I’d like to talk a bit more about what you can actually expect from our next murder mystery and how exactly it compares to SHINRAI. Because, even though both projects do have a lot of similarities, …

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Jan 20

Weekly Update #494: Quick Progress Update

As mentioned in our previous blog posts, I’m currently going through the final chapter from the beginning again, finalizing it scene by scene, and thereby getting it ready for Natsu to make playable. Earlier today, I arrived at scene 9, which means that I’ve essentially covered one third of the entire thing now. There are …

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Jan 13

Weekly Update #493: 1st Progress Update Of 2024

Before we get into this week’s update, here’s a little reminder that we recently published our progress summary for 2023 as well as our plans for 2024, along with an extra post over on Patreon with a few more personal words. So if you have missed any of that and are curious to know more …

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Jan 06

Weekly Update #492: Plans For 2024

Happy New Year!! We’re already one week into 2024 and so I hope that you had a very pleasant and already successful start into it! In last week’s blog post, I looked back at the entirety of 2023 and although a lot of cool things certainly did happen and a ton of progress was made, …

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