Monthly Archive: February 2022

Feb 26

Weekly Update #393: Quick Progress Update

With Keiichi‘s and Shinketsu‘s routes fully coded and Rei‘s currently being made playable by Natsu as well, there is only Himatsu‘s left now before we can finally finish up the second chapter! To give you an idea as to the length of it: excluding Himatsu‘s route, chapter 2 currently sits at around 35,000 words. Adding …

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Feb 19

Weekly Update #392: Rei’s Route Nearing Completion

Once again, we’re going to have a rather quick update, but despite its shortness, we have actually accomplished quite a lot again this week! Not only has Natsu finished coding the entirety of Shinketsu‘s route, the first third of Rei‘s is now playable as well! The remaining two thirds will follow shortly, as I am …

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Feb 12

Weekly Update #391: More Coding Progress!

We’re currently hard at work to finally make the second chapter of GENBA no Kizuna fully playable and, after wrapping up Keiichi‘s route last weekend, Shinketsu‘s is now following suit and nearing completion as well! Despite a much shorter word count, it still takes quite a bit of time and effort to code, due to …

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Feb 05

Weekly Update #390: Coding Progress

This past week has been a very productive one and I’m happy to report that Natsu has made Keiichi‘s route fully playable now! Because of that, I’m going to send her everything for Shinketsu‘s next, which I’ve been diligently working on these last few days. As a matter of fact, I finished the last remaining …

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