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May 27

Weekly Update #460: Quick Progress Update

Short on time again today, with still a couple things I gotta get done, so this week’s update will just be another really quick one! While Natsu is currently testing the latest set of investigation routes she’s coded into the game, I’m very busy getting the next one ready for her! Rei‘s is even very …

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May 20

Weekly Update #459: Chapter IV Progress Update

As mentioned in our last blog post, this past week my task was to finally take care of Shinketsu‘s latest route and I can proudly announce that it’s officially done as well! My part on it, anyway. Now it’s all in Natsu‘s hands to make it playable along with the wrap-up scene for the second …

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May 13

Weekly Update #458: More Writing & Coding Progress

Today is one of those days where I’m a bit pressed for time, so we’re gonna have a really quick update again! As you can tell from the title, Natsu has continued coding and made some very good progress on that front! When it comes to the current set of investigation routes, Keiichi‘s and Himatsu‘s …

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May 06

Wekly Update #457: Background Art & Coding Progress

It’s once again time for a quick progress update and as you can tell from the title, we’ve moved ahead in two very specific categories! I started out this week by finishing up the CG I mentioned in last week’s blog post and shared a preview of on Patreon and, along with it, I’ve also …

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Apr 29

Weekly Update #456: Plans For May

Last week, I talked a little about some of the difficulties that come along with writing an interactive murder mystery visual novel with non-linear segments, so if you’re curious about some of the struggles I’ve been facing while working on the latest investigation routes, please go ahead and check it out! As for today’s blog …

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Apr 22

Weekly Update #454: The Devil’s In The Detail

I feel like I may have done a post like this before, same title and everything, but I thought that, today, I’d talk a little bit about the reasons as to why work on the script for GENBA no Kizuna‘s penultimate chapter has slowed down a bit again recently.

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Apr 15

Weekly Update #453: GENBA Progress Update & MMBN LC

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, there was a particular part in GENBA no Kizuna‘s fourth chapter, which didn’t quite land the way I had hoped for. Natsu‘s feedback made me think about it some more and also helped me realize that there were even some logical flaws in it. I’ve struggled quite a …

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Apr 08

Weekly Update #452: Myterious Silhouettes

As I’ve mentioned many times before, given how deep we’re into the story of GENBA no Kizuna now, most of what I work on nowadays is too spoilery to share and even in the cases I do have something I can show you, it’s pretty vague as you can see above. You may recognize one …

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Apr 01

Weekly Update #451: Plans For April

A new month has begun and so it’s time to think about what we would like to accomplish by the end of it! Naturally, our primary focus will remain on GENBA no Kizuna‘s penultimate chapter and finishing it as soon as we can. And given that two thirds of it are more or less done …

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Mar 25

Weekly Update #450: Chapter IV Progress

Not sure if I ever even properly shared it before, but let’s start off today’s post with the movie poster I whipped up for Warriors Of The Mesozoic, the in-universe movie that Raptor Pack Productions (our group of suspects) is working on in GENBA no Kizuna! I recently noticed that it was still using Terano‘s …

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