Dec 11

Weekly Update #382: More Script Progress

I’m officially on vacation from my day job for the rest of the year now and, as you might expect, I intend to make the most of it by fully devoting myself to GENBA no Kizuna. I’m already off to a very productive start as I’ve went through the entirety of Keiichi‘s route again yesterday, fixing the few remaining things I wasn’t quite satisfied with yet. As such, I can proudly announce that the script for it is fully done now, with the exception of one last proofreading pass I’ll do right before sending it, along with all the assets, over to Natsu.
For that to happen, I will need to wait for her to finish coloring the new sprites and profile pictures, though.

So, in the meantime, I’m intending to give Shinketsu‘s route the same treatment and hopefully finish with it by tonight or tomorrow morning. Although his is quite a bit shorter than Keiichi‘s, a lot of it is still in a “first draft” state, as I’ve only written it very recently.
As mentioned in last week’s blog post, I only wrapped it up last Sunday, in fact.

If you’re following my private Twitter account, you might have even seen me give a little update on its stats, as well as the second chapter in general, which is becoming just about as long as the first one!

In other words, we’re looking at a word count of around 100,000 for the first half of the game. I can’t give any estimates on the remaining chapters as of now, but at this point, it’s quite clear that the full game is going to be quite a bit longer than SHINRAI.
And here I originally feared it might not even turn out to be half as long, haha…

Anyway, by next weekend, I want to have Rei‘s route completed as well, which would only leave Himatsu‘s for the rest of December.

Now, script aside, what else is actually missing before the second chapter can be made fully playable?
Outside of one more BGM track that Solo is currently working on, as well as a bunch of sound effects, I still need to take care of the DPA entries for all the new pieces of evidence, and then there are a couple more sprite variations needed for Himatsus‘s route.

So yeah, there is still quite a bit left to do, but patrons can look forward to getting a chance to finally investigate very soon!
Right now, the plan is to get everything ready for Natsu to code the second chapter throughout January, while I will move on to the script for chapter three (which, thankfully, is going to be significantly shorter than the previous ones and barely require new assets).

But yeah, first things first! Gotta wrap up my part of the work on chapter two, so that’s what I’ll get back to now!
As always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care :3