Dec 18

Weekly Update #383: Quick Progress Update

As the title says, just a very quick update again today, as I’m sadly a little short on time and low on energy!

The majority of this past week has been dedicated to script work again, mainly revising Shinketsu‘s and Rei‘s investigation routes.
Whereas Shinketsu‘s is fully done now and only in need of one last proofreading pass (just like Keiichi‘s route), Rei‘s is just about to get to the same point. Two more days and I should have ironed out the last few passages I’m still not too happy with.

Outside of writing, I’ve also spent a bit more time drawing again, primarily working on the missing DPA-related images, such as the profile picture for our victim, which I will be able to preview soon!

Speaking of preview… I’ve also shared this little screenshot on my private Twitter! I had a lot of fun with using maps in SHINRAI to illustrate people’s movements, so that’s gonna be back in GENBA as well, haha.

Not much else to report beyond that, so sorry for the super short entry this time. I will have tons of stuff to say for our yearly retrospect, however, which I’m still debating whether to post next Saturday or on the 1st of January. There will also be our usual “goals for the new year” post, after all, so maybe I want to tackle that on the first day of 2022, rather than a week later. Guess we’ll see!

Anyway, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, have a chill and festive time! :3