Jun 17

Weekly Update #463: Another Quick Progress Update

We are still continuing work on GENBA no Kizuna‘s final investigation phase, which, at the moment, primarily revolves around art asset creation for me. If you want to learn a bit more about what exactly is on my to-do list and even see some examples of recently created assets, be sure to check out last week’s blog post! If you’re a patron, you can also see some additional asset previews in a newly published post right here! And if you’d like to learn more about the structure and scope of the second investigation phase in general (or our “penultimate chapter”, as I’ve been referring to it mostly), you might also wanna read the first blog post of this month, which goes pretty in-depth on the topic!

Now, with all of that out of the way, what have I been working on this past week? Backgrounds, first and foremost! I’m currently busy with the second BG art for the backyard of the Kaseki residence. It took me a while to get the perspective down and decide on the best framing and now that that’s done, I gotta make sure that everything aligns with what you’ve seen on the other backgrounds.

For instance, given the perspective I ultimately chose, you will be able to see the windows to Ryuunosuke‘s room in the top right corner, so I had to reference the BG for Ryuu‘s room a lot to ensure that the “other side” of his windows is properly depicted, so this is once again one of those tasks that requires paying a lot of attention to detail.

I’m not gonna say much else about it yet, but patrons can expect to see a preview this upcoming week and, once it’s done, I might actually share the final result publicly as well, as this one might not be too spoilery.

I’ve also worked on a bunch of other little assets, some of which are included in the Patreon post linked in the first paragraph, but those are kinda spoilery, so I don’t really wanna say anything about them publicly at all… sorry!

I do have something else to share, however:

As you can see, our good friend and fellow VN dev Kinjo Goldbar created this cute little piece depicting our very own Amber Harding along with his Farah Fayooh! If you want to know more about who the latter is, then you should check out the demo for his current murder mystery project Detective Butler and the King of Hearts!

Anyway, seeing as it’s pretty late already, I guess we’ll already come to a close here. As always, I’d really like to get back to work and, in the meanwhile, I hope that you’re enjoying a pretty chill weekend! Until next Saturday, take care :3