Jan 20

Weekly Update #179: Patreon Demo Release

Another week has flown by, or so it feels.
It was certainly a very productive week for us, however, as we managed to get quite a few things done!

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Jan 14

Weekly Update #178: Demo Progress

Today, I’m just going to make a quick progress update. If you want to know more about our general plans for January, you can check out last week’s blog post which even features some early screenshots for GENBA no Kizuna!

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Jan 07

Weekly Update #177: Plans For January

So here we are with the first actual blog post of 2018! And just as promised in our 2017 retrospect, I’m going to share with you what exactly we will focus on throughout this first month of the new year!

With the ever-so-busy December lying behind us now (and my cold finally gone as well), I feel extremely motivated to work on GENBA no Kizuna again. As mentioned before, finishing the demo will be our main priority for now, which is why I have already started working on just that over the last few days. Together with Nobuhiko:

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Jan 01

Happy New Year!

Unless you’re supporting us via Patreon, you’re probably wondering right now… who exactly is that white-haired young man? It’s certainly not Hiro because his hair is too spiky, his eyes different and, of course, Hiro would never blush or hide his handsome face!

Well, you’ve probably already noticed the logo in the top left corner and yes: it’s not a character from SHINRAI.
For the first time, one of our seasonal artworks features a character from GENBA no Kizuna, our new upcoming murder mystery!

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Dec 31

Weekly Update #176: A Look Back At 2017 & Ahead At 2018

Tomorrow’s the last day of 2017. With that in mind I have decided that, rather than postpone it until the 1st or even wait until next Saturday, I will use today’s blog post to take a look back at 2017 and give you an idea as to what you can expect from us in 2018.

So, without further ado, let’s see what we have managed to accomplish throughout this past year!

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas!

As voted by our patrons, Raiko is getting a waifu for Christmas this year! I’m sure she’s going to be thrilled, haha.

If you’re supporting us on Patreon, you can download a much bigger version of this picture, a version without the background (Kamen & Bat only), and even get a look at some WIP-stages like the initial sketch.

With that said… Merry Christmas, everyone! We hope you’ll be able to spend some wonderful, enjoyable holidays!

Dec 24

Weekly Update #175: Writing WWH

Alright, today’s blog post is going to be a little shorter as it’s already pretty late and I’m still busy with a lot of things.
It’s Christmas tomorrow, after all!

Speaking of which, if you support us on Patreon, you can already check out the finished Christmas artwork.
I will post it here and on Twitter tomorrow, but patrons can also download the picture in higher resolution as well as a version of the featured character with a transparent background.

Another thing I have posted on Patreon today is the first half of the script for the prologue of Withering Without Hope.
That (along with the Christmas picture) is what I’ve been mostly busy with over the past week.

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Dec 21

Winter Sale 2017

Winter has officially started and with it Steam‘s annual Winter Sale!
Just like last year, our murder mystery SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair is a part of it, so if all you want this Christmas are some dead bodies to investigate, we’ve got you covered!

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Dec 17

Weekly Update #174: WWH Setting, Location & Characters

Last Saturday, I went into a bit more detail as to how exactly our two current projects GENBA no Kizuna and Withering Without Hope are actually connected to one another. We’ve been mainly focusing on GENBA over the last few months, so I thought it would be the ideal topic to lead back into WWH, which I want to talk a bit more about today.

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Dec 10

Weekly Update #173: The Connection Between GENBA & SHINRAI

In last week’s blog post, I mentioned how we are going to focus more on Withering Without Hope again this month. Since it takes place on December 23, I’m currently in the perfect mood for it (and I really just wanted to work on it again after spending the past couple of months solely on GENBA no Kizuna).

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