Sep 21

Weekly Update #266: Script Progress!

Alright, unlike last week’s blog post (which kinda blew up as I started talking about the extended demo feedback so far), today’s posting really is going to be a shorter one. Unfortunately, I’ve caught a cold, so I have been pretty lethargic and bed-ridden this past week, BUT! I have still managed to make some satisfying progress on GENBA no Kizuna!

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Sep 14

Weekly Update #265: GENBA Feedback So Far

Today will be a really short posting, because there sadly isn’t much to report on. As mentioned in last week’s blog post, I was off to Italy from Monday to Thursday and there were (and still are) quite a bunch of things to take care of now that I’m back home.

As a result, I wasn’t able to really do much progress on GENBA no Kizuna. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, however, and how to handle what’s coming next. We’ve gotten some more feedback which really got me thinking. I guess the content of our extended demo (despite already going through multiple revisions and having a bunch of things slashed) is still in need of more fine-tuning. However, rather than go back and revise it once again right away, I think I just want to continue with the next scenes for now, so that the first chapter can finally be completed. And once that’s taken care of (and we have collected a bit more feedback maybe), I’ll look over the demo content once again to see what I can do about it.

Generally, reactions have been very positive so far. Players seem to really enjoy GENBA overall. There are some recurring points of criticism, however, and I’m getting afraid of repeating the same mistakes we did with SHINRAI. I’m talking specifically about players being discouraged from continuing during the first two hours of the game. I certainly don’t want to create another scenario where most reviews mention how slow the beginning is and that it only gets truly exciting later on.

I mean, I do think that the pacing has greatly improved compared to SHINRAI, but… maybe it’s still not enough.

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Sep 07

Weekly Update #264: On To The Next Tasks

Let’s start off with another reminder that the extended demo for our next murder mystery VN is finally out! If you’d like to learn more about it and/or even try it out, you can do so by visiting the GENBA no Kizuna section here on our website, or our store page on

Yesterday, Khana streamed it on Twitch, which was a lot of fun to watch. Getting her live reactions was also very helpful, so if you have played the demo yourself, or you’re planning to do so, don’t be afraid to hit us up! We’d love to get your feedback, whether it’s in the form of a short comment or even a full playthrough!

Now, if you’d like to know what’s next, please check out last week’s blog post, in which I’m talking about our plans from hereon out!
And with all that out of the way, let’s get into what’s new since then…

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Aug 31

Weekly Update #263: Plans For September

Okay, so first of all, in case you might have missed it: the extended demo for GENBA no Kizuna has finally been released!

It can be downloaded either through this MediaFire link, or over on For more information on the release and all the changes compared to our first demo, please check out this posting.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s dive right into this week’s update and our plans from here on out!

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Aug 26

SHINRAI Anniversary & GENBA Extended Demo Release

August 26 marks the day on which our first visual novel project, the murder mystery SHINRAI -Broken Beyond Despair, was released. Three years have passed ever since and back then, I was convinced that we would have already released our next project by now.

Unfortunately, we’re still quite a ways away from that. GENBA no Kizuna became a much bigger, more complex and more ambitious project than what it was originally intended to be. To think that it started as a story about two people being killed in an alleyway…
At the time, dinosaurs hadn’t even been part of the equation, but here we are, with a dinosaur-themed murder mystery!

Nevertheless, even if it’s taking a lot longer than what I initially thought it would, I’m glad that we went down this route. Because I do think that GENBA has turned into something better and more unique now. Besides, we have made a lot of progress, especially over the past year. Progress I am rather proud of and which I have been itching to share with you. And today, that time has finally come.

The extended demo for GENBA no Kizuna is now officially out in the wild!

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Aug 26

Anniversary Sale 2019

In order to celebrate the release of SHINRAI three years ago, as well as the public release of our extended GENBA no Kizuna demo today, we are running a little sale! If you haven’t gotten around to playing our first murder mystery visual novel yet, now’s a good time to rectify that! It might also give you a better idea as to what you can expect from our newest project!

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Aug 24

Weekly Update #262: Final Release Preparations & Discord Server Launch

Almost there! Just a couple more days and we will finally release the extended GENBA no Kizuna demo to the public!
Consequently, it’s been a pretty busy week for us, with all the preparations and such, so let’s delve into that topic a little deeper…

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Aug 17

Weekly Update #261: Extended Demo Release Preparations – Part II

Alright, just a really short update today, as I sadly don’t have much time on my hands (there isn’t much to report, anyway).

As the title already suggests, we are continuing with the preparations for SHINRAI‘s anniversary and the release of the extended GENBA no Kizuna demo on the 26th! Less than ten days to go now, but there is still a lot to do!

First of all, I focused on finishing the anniversary artwork, featuring one of our SHINRAI characters wearing the GENBA police uniform! If you’re a patron, you can check out a new preview of it here. Right now, Natsu is taking care of the coloring.

I have also started preparing our Discord Channel, which we plan to launch very soon. I’m still not too familiar with this whole thing, so there is more for me to look into, but I’m slowly starting to get a hang of things.

Other than that, I did some more beta-testing on the demo itself and will continue to do so, while also getting some more very useful feedback! That’s about it, honestly, so I’m already going to wrap this up (sorry for the short post)!

As always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care :3

Aug 10

Weekly Update #260: Extended Demo Release Preparations

Alright, so plans have kinda changed for this month. I originally talked about them here, but ever since then, life has happened and thrown a giant wrench into things. Nevertheless, I’m still hell-bent on releasing our extended GENBA no Kizuna demo publicly on the 26th, so in order to make that happen, I’m currently reorganizing myself.

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Aug 03

Weekly Update #259: Research & Writing Preparations

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, now that the extended GENBA no Kizuna demo is almost ready for its public release, I’m planning to get back into and mainly focus on writing again. My next major goal is to finish a first draft for the remaining chapters as soon as possible. Before I can get to that, however, some more research and preparation was in order!

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