Oct 29

Weekly Update #429: Console Anniversary

That’s right! Today, exactly one year ago, the console version of SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair was finally released!

As always, it’s pretty hard to wrap my mind around the fact that it’s already been that long. [Insert usual rant about how time flies.]
It’s still a pretty awesome achievement to me, however, and something I am very proud of! Even one year later, I just can’t help but grin in satisfaction whenever I see our little VN in my console libraries, its entry in the trophy/achievement lists or its icons popping up in any of the console online stores!

Another fact that makes me really happy is how many more people we have reached through such a broad release. Our sales numbers have significantly amped up and we have gained many many more fans and followers over these last twelve months.
I honestly didn’t expect these kinds of numbers and feel pretty silly now for initially only wanting a release on Nintendo Switch

Of course, as is the case with everything, there are also some aspects that are a little less than ideal. Just because the amount of sales has dramatically increased doesn’t necessarily mean that the same applies to our earnings. With platform providers and publisher taking their rather generous cuts, Natsu and I actually make a whole lot less from a console sale than one on PC “orz

I have already shared my thoughts on the matter on Patreon before, in our Jurassic June update, and I don’t want to go into detail about it publicly just yet. However, when it comes to a console release for GENBA no Kizuna, which we definitely want to make happen, we obviously want to try to find an alternative that will be a little more favorable to us, the actual developers who dedicated endless hours and literal years of their lives to creating it.

Still, overall, porting SHINRAI over to Nintendo‘s, Sony‘s and Microsoft‘s platforms certainly was a very worthwhile endeavor.
I wish we could celebrate its anniversary with some discounts at least, as we usually do for the PC version, but alas… I sadly have zero influence on console sales events. As it just so happens, at least the PlayStation 4/5 version is currently 50% off, however, so if you want to experience our murder mystery on there and/or add its Platinum Trophy to your collection, be sure to head over to the PSN store and grab it straight away! The sale will last for only a couple more days!

Now, speaking of sales, in case you have missed it, the PC version of SHINRAI is also 50% off at the moment in our annual Halloween Sale! You can find out all about it here!

And on the topic of Halloween… patrons can already get a first look at this year’s Halloween artwork, featuring Taiko!
I’ve spent a good chunk of this past week on finishing him up. Actually started from scratch as I was very unhappy with the original version, so this took a little bit longer than expected…

Nevertheless, I also did get around to some writing again and finished up the conclusion to Shinketsu‘s newest route just yesterday! This one, more than the others, still needs a bit more work and some touch-ups, but I’m looking forward to going back to Himatsu next and finally finishing this third set of investigation routes!

That’s all I have to say in terms of an actual progress update, so I guess we’ll wrap things up here. The finished Halloween artwork will be posted on Halloween, naturally, so be sure to keep an eye out for that! Until then, please take care, enjoy the rest of your weekend and, most importantly, have a super spooky time ~°w°~