Oct 25

Halloween Sale 2022

This year, Steam has switched things up a little bit, which is why there is no “traditional” Halloween sale, but instead the so called Scream Fest. Not only has the event itself changed, however, even the participation method has and, as such, we unfortunately aren’t officially part of it, as we were not included by Valve. Therefore, we have opted to simply run our own little custom Halloween Sale for the same duration as the Scream Fest. In other words, this time around, our little murder mystery SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair will be on sale for a whole week instead of the usual four days!

The game, as well as its complete soundtrack, will thus be on sale until November 1, 10:00 AM PST! As always, there is a Bundle available for another 10% off and, for non-Steam users, we are offering the same deals on itch.io as well.

Also, don’t forget: the PlayStation 4/5 version is currently 50% off as well!

If you’re not sure if SHINRAI might be your thing, you can always check out some Steam Reviews to get some player impressions!

Buy the game here: