Jul 13

Weekly Update #256: Beta-Testing & New Music

Okay, let’s get right into this week’s progress update, shall we? So, how far along has our extended GENBA no Kizuna demo come? Well, it’s actually undergoing testing and tweaking by Natsu right now!

(As you can tell by the screenshot above, Natsu still needs to adjust the positions of some of our character sprites w)

That’s right, Natsu is currently going through the demo, fixing the remaining issues now that the coding is done! I still have to test the whole thing myself afterwards too, so it’s definitely going to take a couple more days, but! The Patreon release is imminent! And in the end, it’s even going to feature a bit more content than I initially planned.

Since I struggled with some of the DPA entries, for example, I was thinking about just leaving them out and adding them later for the public release. However, while Natsu was diligently coding the scenes I had sent her, I was able to finish them up. I even posted a little preview on my private Twitter (although it got kinda drowned in about 1 billion Bea fanart retweets *cough*).

Maybe I’m putting a little too much effort into these trivia entries, but I honestly can’t help myself. I have a lot of fun doing research for them, since I learn a lot of new things in the process myself. And I do want to take the opportunity to educate players a little bit, whether it’s in regards to police work, paleontology or even the bearded vulture.

Of course, the entries in the trivia category are really just that: trivia. If players don’t feel like reading them, that’s unfortunate in my opinion, but totally fair. They are really just there to provide some more background info as well as world-building.

If you’ve played SHINRAI, I guess you know what to expect.

Now, speaking of SHINRAI, let’s get into what else is new: you can now have a listen to another new addition to GENBA‘s soundtrack. I have posted a 40-second preview on Twitter and Instagram. As always, patrons can also check out the full track here.

What exactly does that have to do with SHINRAI? Well, the melody might sound familiar, as this is actually Solo‘s spin on the track “Lazy Get-Together“. So this now makes two SHINRAI tracks getting revived for our new VN project and I’m terribly excited to get to the part where they’ll be used!

In other news (but still on the topic of SHINRAI), next month will be the third anniversary of its release, meaning that it’s time for another anniversary artwork! With our GENBA demo being publicly released on the same day (if everything goes well), however, I wanted to incorporate that into the illustration as well. If you’re a patron, you can learn the details here (and of course, vote on which character will be featured in the pic)!

Anyway, this concludes today’s update. I’m super excited to finally play the demo myself and I hope so are you! Not gonna be much longer now! But until then, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, as always, take care! :3