Oct 20

Weekly Update #218: Extended Demo Progress & Pitch Black Serenade

Alrighty! Over this past week, I was focused on the final preparations to get the next scene for GENBA no Kizuna ready for coding!

This included going through the script one last time to make some adjustments in terms of which sprites/expressions are going to be displayed during which parts of the dialogue, for example. Something I have a much better grasp on now that the sprites are drawn and I can actually look at them. In general, I was mostly concerned about improving the visual presentation, so I’m very curious myself how this scene will actually look like once Natsu has started to code it.

Before that, however, there are still changes left that need to be applied to the current demo, or rather the game in general. Like implementing the new name tags and changing the text displays, which I’ve talked about in a previous blog post.

I’ve also made some edits to Keiichi‘s inner monologues based on the feedback we have gotten, created the next evolutionary step for our dino mascot Toru‘s hatching process, and a whole bunch of other little things like that. Afterwards, I moved on to preparing everything for the next scene. It hopefully won’t take much longer now before at least our patrons can get a first look at the next part of our game and help us test and fix it if necessary (which hopefully won’t be the case, haha…).

I have also done a quick sketch for the next background yesterday, to give myself a better idea of what I want the perspective of the room to look like and what sorts of things I want it to be furnished with:

(I have the worst handwriting… “orz)

I’ll properly start working on this BG very soon. It will be needed for the scene introducing Himatsu and our suspects, after all!

That’s about it in terms of progress updates, but I’m not quite done yet! I’ve mentioned it in previous blog posts before, but today I’d like to put a special spotlight on Pitch Black Serenade, a romance/paranormal visual novel with mystery elements!

As of today, the demo for the first episode is finally available and can be downloaded for free over on itch.io!

I’ve been following the development of this project ever since 2015 and have even gotten involved in it to the extent of proofreading and beta-testing (you can even find a little reference to Kujikawa, the location where the story takes place, in Keiichi‘s DPA profile w).

A lot of effort and passion has been poured into PBS. That much is for sure. And even if it is mainly aimed at a female audience, I do think that there is enjoyment for everyone to be found. It features a very fascinating protagonist (the sort you sadly don’t see that often), a very curious choice system and an interesting storyline. You should definitely check out the store page to learn more!

If you like mysteries (as you probably do, if you’re following us), I’d definitely recommend giving it a try. It is certainly worth your time!

And if you should end up liking it enough to the point that you wish to support development of the full game, please consider visiting the developer’s newly launched Patreon as well! You can also stay up-to-date with the development process by following the official Twitter account or by joining the server on Discord!

Seriously, give it a chance if you have the time!

With that, I come to a close for today. Please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3