Sep 08

Weekly Update #212: Textbox Changes

Over this past week, I’ve continued working on what I’ve talked about in last week’s blog post. Namely, making some adjustments to GENBA no Kizuna based on the feedback we have gotten so far. So let’s take a look at what exactly has changed!

You may have already seen it on Twitter, but I’ve tweaked our textbox a little bit. The goal was to make more clear which character is talking at any given time. Sometimes, it’s easy to tell just by the dialogue, since I’ve tried to give each character a unique voice (or speech pattern), just like in SHINRAI. There are still moments, however, when it’s probably not immediately apparent. And even in those cases, I’d like players to be able to subconsciously tell who is talking by simply absorbing the visual information on screen, rather than consciously having to read the name tags.

I elaborated on all of this a bit more on Patreon, asking our patrons for their opinions and suggestions as well. And given the replies we have gotten, I guess I am going to stick to the solution I’ve come up with. So from now on, the character names will be displayed in yellow (rather than different colors based on their hair), inner monologue will be displayed in green, and important terms will be highlighted in yellow. Furthermore, the face/head of the talking character will be shown in the top left corner of the box:

Other things I’ve been working on are the backgrounds and sprites, which I’ll be focusing on again for now. As mentioned before, I want to complete all the missing assets for the next scene within the next couple of weeks and then move on to the assets for the following scene in late September/early October. So hopefully, I’ll be able to finally share proper sprites for our Raptor Pack soon!

Aside from that, I have made another BGM sample video featuring three new tracks by Solo, all of which will be used in our extended demo (you can check out even more samples over on our YouTube channel!):


As always, patrons can access the full versions of the tracks with some background info here!

I guess there isn’t too much else to say in terms of progress updates. Before we come to a close, however, I’d like to share something else with you! Please check out these two amazing artworks by Kuna and Natsu, which I have received for my birthday, featuring four of our GENBA characters!

(Ahhhh, Shinketsu looks super funny, Rei super cute and Himatsu super sexy! Be sure to check out more of Kuna‘s amazing art in our gallery or, better yet, on her website http://www.pitchblackserenade.com/)

(And there we have a super adorable Amber! Again, more artwork by Natsu can be found in our gallery, but you can also check out http://prismanga.com/)

And with this, I hope that you will enjoy the rest of your weekend! Until next Saturday, take care! :3