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Jan 21

Weekly Update #441: GENBA Steam Page Launch Preparations

For a while now, we’ve been working on getting the Steam store page ready for our new VN project GENBA no Kizuna and, over the course of this past week, we’ve taken care of the final preparations. As a matter of fact, I’ve even marked the store page as “ready for review” earlier this week, …

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Jan 14

Weekly Update #440: Chapter IV Progress

First of all, in case you have missed them, our last two blog posts contained our 2022 retrospect in which we took a look back at what we’ve managed to accomplish over the past twelve months, as well as our plans for 2023. For patrons, I have also published a special blog post with a …

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Jan 07

Weekly Update #439: Plans For 2023

Last week, we took a look back at the entire past year in our 2022 retrospect, so, today, it’s time to shift our focus towards the future and delve into our plans for the new year ahead, which we sure as heck intend to make a really successful and exciting one! As mentioned last time, …

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Dec 31

Weekly Update #438: 2022 Retrospect

Today is the last day of 2022, so it’s time to take a look back and recap how things have gone for us over these past twelve months. Fortunately, I can state that, overall, this year was a rather successful one and a definite step up from 2021, but there were also a few not …

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Dec 24

Weekly Update #437: Christmas Update

Well, this is the first time our weekly update falls on Christmas, so, as you can probably imagine, I don’t really have too much time for a big one, which is why we’re going to keep things rather short today! In exchange, however, next week’s blog post will be a pretty lengthy one, as I …

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Dec 24

Merry Christmas!

This year, GENBA no Kizuna‘s grumpy little T-Rex fanboy is here to wish you some not so grumpy Happy Holidays! If even Ryuunosuke can relax and put on a smile to enjoy a cozy Christmas, hopefully, you can do so as well! At the very least, that’s what Natsu and I wish for you! So …

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Dec 17

Weekly Update #436: Chapter IV Progress

So, I’m officially off from my day job for the remainder of 2022, which naturally means switching back to full-time VNdev mode! My main goals are going to be the Christmas artwork (or at least that one was, but my part on it is actually done now, meaning that all that’s left to do is …

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Dec 10

Weekly Update #435: Even More Script Progress

So, this past week, I’ve finally started work on the last set of investigation routes for GENBA no Kizuna‘s penultimate chapter! I’m currently working on the laundry room investigation as well as Himatsu‘s final interrogation simultaneously and have made some pretty good progress on them, adding up to about another ~7000 words of script. The …

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Dec 03

Weekly Update #434: Plans For December

The final month of the year is here, which also tends to be the busiest one usually, and there certainly is a lot I’d still like to get done before we transition into 2023. Good thing I’m gonna be on vacation from my day job soon! My main focus during that time will remain the …

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Nov 26

Weekly Update #433: More Script Progress

Script work has continued on GENBA no Kizuna‘s fourth chapter and, while it takes me once again longer than anticipated to finish the current part, I’m at least satisfied with how it’s shaping up and had quite a bit of fun writing these last couple of days. I really wish I could share some previous, …

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