Feb 17

Weekly Update #498: Valentine’s Art & More GENBA Progress

A couple days ago was Valentine’s Day and even though I sadly didn’t have the time to draw anything myself for the occasion, I once again commissioned the ever so talented Jun to draw us something in her super adorable art style, so to start off today’s post, please check out these two cute little V-Day pairings, one for SHINRAI and one for GENBA:

(I wonder what’s going through both of their heads right now w)

(I’m so jealous of Ryuu…)

As always, I have added these to our gallery where you can find even more cute art by Jun and many other talented artists!

Now then, in regards to this week’s progress, I have some pretty exciting things to share! First of all, after implementing everything into the game I’ve sent her thus far, Natsu has committed herself to beta-testing and has already eliminated some pesky bugs.
Right now, she’s going through the final routes of chapter 4, so let’s hope things continue to go smoothly and that she won’t stumble upon anything else annoying (…and let’s also hope I didn’t jinx it just now…).

Meanwhile, our composer Solo, vocalist Lunacy and her vocal mixer Suponjiii are all hard at work on our theme song! I’ve recently got to hear a first vocal demo and dang do I gotta say did it sound great already! I couldn’t be happier with the vocalist Solo decided to work with and think that the track in general is turning out super cool and catchy, so I seriously cannot wait to share it with you!!

As for me, I’m preparing the next zip package at the moment. There are still some script parts I gotta fix, but I hope to be able to send this over to Natsu tomorrow evening. Once this part is done, only the last third of the final chapter remains!

As you can see, we’re getting closer and closer to the finish line. Because of that, I think it’s also time to finally address a number of important topics related to the release within the coming weeks. I already did a lengthy post on what exactly you can expect from GENBA in comparison to SHINRAI, for example, but there’s so much more to discuss!

Next week, I’d like to go over the whole matter of pricing. As simple as it may seem, it’s a rather complicated matter with much to say about it, so expect another lengthy post for this!

But until then, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care :3