Apr 08

Weekly Update #452: Myterious Silhouettes

As I’ve mentioned many times before, given how deep we’re into the story of GENBA no Kizuna now, most of what I work on nowadays is too spoilery to share and even in the cases I do have something I can show you, it’s pretty vague as you can see above. You may recognize one of those three silhouettes, but who could be the other two…?

Well, I wish I could tell you, but I’d rather leave that revelation for the actual game!

As you can tell from the textbox, this is part of Shinketsu‘s latest route where you’ll finally learn a little more about Tsume who, unlike the other two, has got a proper sprite as well. I really wish I had the time to do full on sprites for them too, but they will only be talked about in a handful of scenes and won’t really play an active role in the story, so I opted to go with simple silhouettes instead.

Anyway, the scene is almost done and only requires some more refinement. It was another pretty difficult one to write, but also one I really enjoyed. Again, I can’t really say too much here, but this segment felt quite a bit more like “SHINRAI” in terms of the writing style, so maybe that may have played a huge part in why I enjoyed it so much. Tsume‘s back story also incorporates many ideas from older scrapped projects I worked on before SHINRAI, so it feels really good to be able to utilize them after all!

Aside from this scene, this past week I’ve also finally returned to an earlier part of chapter four, which I didn’t get the most encouraging feedback for. I cannot remember if I mentioned it here or only on Patreon, but yeah, one scene didn’t quite work as I had hoped for and so I finally tried to fix it, which I’m just about done with. As such, coding can finally resume very soon!

I’ve worked on a few others things as well, such as DPA entries, but welp… there sadly really isn’t all too much I can say about that, so I guess we’ll come to an end here already. I’m kinda out of time, anyway.

Once again, I have one more thing to share with you, however:

This super cute Keiichi was drawn by Fefi and has been added to our gallery, of course. I really adore her uniquely adorable art style and who knows? Maybe you’ll see some more of it here very soon! But until then, I’d urge you to check out her Instagram and Ko-fi, both of which feature a whole bunch of art ranging from adowable character icons like the one above to really colorful, beautiful, fairytale-like art you’d encounter in a children’s book. I absolutely love all of it, so please consider taking some time to at least take a peek at her work (and maybe even give her a follow)!

Now, as always, I wish you to enjoy the rest of your weekend and hope you’ll have a Hoppy Easter! Until next Saturday, take care :3