Sep 18

Weekly Update #370: Keiichi’s Chapter 2 Route Progress

First off, I’d like to once again highlight the fact that the demo for GENBA no Kizuna has recently been updated and that patrons can now check out the entire first chapter of the game, which is available for beta-testing to all tiers! We have already received some very helpful feedback, so if you’d like to join in on the hunt for typos and bugs, or simply offer suggestions to improve the experience, you can find the chapter 1 demo right here (and if you’re curious about the changes to our public demo, be sure to check out this post)!

There is, of course, also the fact that SHINRAI is going to come to consoles real soon, so if you want to learn more about that, we’ve delved into a little more detail in last week’s update!

Now, with that out of the way, let’s check in on GENBA‘s current progress:

Right now, I’m mainly focused on art again. Keiichi‘s route requires, by far, the most amount of new assets, from minor background variations and a new CG to two entirely new characters with a whole set of sprite variations for each of them. But even some of the already existing characters get a couple new variations, such as Amber and Ryuunosuke, who will appear during a few flashbacks to the time of the incident. Since those took the least amount of work, I naturally already took care of them, so here are a shocked Amber and a shocked Ryuu as they first lay eyes on the aftermath of what occurred in the main hall:

Terano is also getting a new sprite variation for the occasion, although in his case, I want to redraw his arm, so I guess I’ll give you a look at him next time! The next thing I want to finish afterwards is the CG which is both easy and difficult at the same time. Easy because I can re-use a lot of stuff I’ve already drawn, difficult because the stuff that needs to be newly drawn… is complicated.

It’ll all make sense once you get to see it, but for now, I don’t wanna share too much. I can unveil that it does include Amber‘s butt again, however, so that’s got me pretty stoked!

Anyway, it’s taking a while to get all these new assets done, but on the bright side: the other three routes will barely need any!

I’ll have to draw some more sprite variations for the various members of RPP for Himatsu‘s route, but that’s a lot easier than drawing new character sprites completely from scratch. Meanwhile, Shinketsu‘s and Rei‘s routes barely involve interaction with any other characters, so those will basically be all about drawing new DPA images for clues and evidence.

So yeah, once everything for Keiichi‘s route is done, we’ve definitely got the majority of art assets covered for chapter 2!
Which is why I’m gonna get right back to work to reach that goal ASAP!

As always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3