Aug 28

Weekly Update #367: Chapter I Demo Release (Patreon Only)

We are currently celebrating SHINRAI‘s 5th anniversary and shared a couple of announcements the other day, so if you haven’t seen them yet, you can find the anniversary posting here and learn about what’s coming up within the next few weeks and how we plan to tackle the rest of the year regarding GENBA‘s development!

As mentioned there, and as you can clearly tell from the title of this post, the entire first chapter of GENBA is now fully playable and so we have decided to release it to patrons, so that they can help us beta-test the whole thing and hopefully provide us with some initial feedback and suggestions to further improve the experience. This demo will not be made available publicly, not even later down the line. The content of our public demo, which you can find over on itch.io and which will receive a little update next Saturday, is as much as I am willing to share before the full release of the game.

For this reason (and to make up for the recent lack in Patreon content), the chapter I demo is available to all tiers, in order to give us a shot at a few more impressions.

It now amounts to approximately 52,000 words (DPA entries and character profiles not included) and concludes the Preparation Phase. In other words, it’s now about a third the length of SHINRAI and comparable to being at the end of its second chapter.

I go into more detail in the actual Patreon post, so if you’re supporting us there, be sure to check it out!

Again, next week, we will finally update the public demo release. Naturally, patrons can already check out the updated content in the chapter I demo, but due to some unexpected problems with the public demo build, it unfortunately requires a bit of extra effort to update it. After that, the next big thing will be SHINRAI‘s migration to consoles! Though I will delve further into both of these topics over the course of the next couple of weekly updates.

Speaking of weekly updates, outside of preparing for the anniversary, I’ve also continued to make a bit more progress on GENBA‘s second chapter, finishing up the character profiles for our mysterious witness characters and working on their profile pictures. Since I want to keep their identity a secret for the full game, I sadly can’t really share any of what I’m currently working on, but once all the witness stuff is out of the way, you can expect more regular WIP-previews both publicly and on Patreon again!

For the time being, I can share a few new screenshots from the latter half of the first chapter, however, so here you go:

(Click to enlarge!)

(Also, in case you haven’t seen them yet, we’ve uploaded two gameplay previews on YouTube!)

Now, as always, I hope that you’re going to enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3