Nov 07

Weekly Update #325: Visual Consistency

With Halloween behind us, I’ve gotten back to background art for GENBA no Kizuna and, as you can see above, made quite a bit of progress with the newest BG, depicting the main hall of the Kaseki residence from the second floor!

The background isn’t 100% done, but I’m close to finishing it. Only a few more details need to be adjusted. Nevertheless, I wanted to share a little preview with you. If you’re a patron, you can also check out this brand new post, which contains a full view of what I’ve actually drawn. Because the original artwork is almost square-shaped and shows much more of the ceiling and lower floor.

This will be an interactive background that you will be able to examine in detail later on, during the investigation of the main hall.
This will also be when that footprint icon will finally come into play, letting you go back and forth between the 1st and 2nd floor, similar to how in SHINRAI, you could change your viewpoint. This time, however, there are actually three different backgrounds you can switch between. The third one basically shows what you’d see if you turn around and look behind you in the BG above.

Now, with three backgrounds depicting different perspectives of the same location, it proved quite challenging to make all of them visually consistent, which (next to all the plants) is the biggest reason why I’ve been working on this for so long. Because I don’t want anything to seem off when you switch between these BGs. You know, like a plant sitting in a slightly different position or its leaves looking noticeably different all of a sudden. I’m not striving for perfect accuracy here, but I don’t want anything to seem too jarring.

So yeah, a lot of time was spent working on all three backgrounds simultaneously, since I also needed to edit the other two a bit more. As a result, my statement from a little while ago, about the main hall BG with the T-Rex in its center being finally done 100%… retroactively turned out to be a little premature, haha. I kinda realized that not only ceiling lights and light switches were still missing… but even the metal closet that’s supposed to be seen in the top left corner “orz

So here’s an updated version for that as well:

I also had to adjust the size of the carpet and changed the lighting conditions a little bit, making the BG slightly brighter.

I really cannot wait to finally be done with all of this and not have to keep fixing details, some of which most players probably won’t even take note of, buuut… it does bug me personally and I do want to get things as accurate as possible. Besides, once the main hall BGs are all done, we’re gonna be set for a while, because up until chapter 4, no new backgrounds will actually be needed, but I guess that’s a topic I will delve further into next week.

So, until then, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care! :3