Oct 24

Weekly Update #323: Main Hall BG Update

In order to fully complete the first chapter of GENBA no Kizuna, not only do we need to work on the remaining scenes which were not included in our extended demo, we also need to adjust the content what was included in it. And one example of this is the main hall.

Above, you can see the now final version of it, but for comparison’s sake, I’ll also show you the old one:

The most eye-catching change is the addition of that giant red carpet. This was really just a cosmetic change prompted by our friend Ezhno. During his playthrough of our demo, he commented on the fact that the lower half of the background looks somewhat plain. So, as a contrast to the dark brown floor, I added a carpet which also fits well together with the red staircases.

Now, all the other changes are much more subtle, but most of them have actual significance to the murder investigation.

For instance, the door in the top right corner originally featured the skull of a Velociraptor, indicating it to be Shiku‘s room. During the development of the story, I swapped the rooms, however, so that it now belongs to Terano and thus features a Triceratops skull.

Back when we released the extended demo, I didn’t have every detail of the mystery planned out yet, but that has changed ever since. Now that GENBA‘s story and mystery are set in stone, I know exactly what kind of evidence to place where.

Of course, this is a topic I can’t really elaborate much on, so I guess I’ll leave it at that.

Next up, I’ll be working on two variations of this background, which will be used in the remaining scenes of the first chapter.
One of them won’t show any major differences compared to what you can see above, but the other will contain a couple more pieces of evidence, spread out on the floor, which will be discovered while the police recover the body from those prehistoric jaws…

Speaking of BG variations, though, here is also once again the main hall before the incident occurred:

I also still have to finish up the BG for the 2nd floor viewpoint of the main hall, but the majority of the work is done now.
Or, at the very least, the hardest parts are taken care of, so hopefully, I’ll be able to share the finished version of it here soon as well.

So, what exactly is left to do now in order to code the next scene into the game? Two things, basically:
The “slight” variation of the BG above and the final revision of the script. I’d like to get that done by next weekend, so I can then tackle the scene after that, which we will talk in detail about either next Saturday, or the week after that.

Next week is Halloween, after all, and I have to make some preparations for that as well!
So, until then, please have a spooky time and take care! :3