Jul 04

Weekly Update #307: Updating SHINRAI

A new month has started and, just as mentioned in our last blog post, it will be another very busy one!

SHINRAI will celebrate its 4th anniversary on the 26th of August and we’re working on an update for the occasion. At the moment, I’m going through the game to make adjustments to the script, for instance. One of the biggest criticisms has always been the fact that the pacing during the first two chapters is very slow and discouraging. We’ve received many comments of players saying that they considered quitting, but were ultimately glad they didn’t, because from chapter 3 onward, they got really sucked into the mystery.

In some cases, however, players did give up before getting to the first murder and this is rather sad to hear…

Of course, I can’t (and don’t want) to rewrite the entire beginning of the game. Nevertheless, I’m trying to find ways to improve the pacing a little. There are certain parts that drag on after all, or where I could convey things in a much more concise manner.

Outside of that, we’re going to fix and add a few other little things, but I will talk about those in a future post.

As for GENBA no Kizuna, work will naturally continue on that as well, even if it will take a backseat for the next two months. I had a very lengthy discussion with Natsu yesterday, who now knows basically the whole story and all the answers to the mysteries.

I still need to send her the final part of the last chapter, which will completely wrap up the story (almost like an epilogue), so I will dedicate an entire blog post to her impressions once she has read that, too. Overall, I’m very satisfied with her feedback, though!

Before we wrap this up, I’d also like to mention that the summer artwork featuring Runa has been finished! As always, it has been added to our gallery and patrons can download hi-res and “no BG/text” versions of it right here.

Now please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3