Jun 27

Weekly Update #306: Plans For July

Let’s start this week’s posting off with some general news!

First of all, in case you haven’t seen it yet, the summer sale has started, meaning that you’ll get another chance to grab SHINRAI (along with its complete OST) for 50% off! Be sure to check out the corresponding announcement post for more info!

Next up, we have two new Patreon posts available. One of them is a general info post for patrons, talking about the incoming sales tax changes that will be applied to some pledges, starting from July. It also contains some detailed information regarding what’s been going on behind the scenes during the last few months and what exactly we’re up to in regards to SHINRAI.

The other post contains the final version of our Jurassic June artwork. We will post it publicly on the 30th, as a Jurassic conclusion to this month, but patrons also get access to a hi-res version and one without background/text (so only the featured character).

In regards to GENBA no Kizuna, I have received Natsu‘s detailed feedback for the entirety of chapter 4, which made me super happy! Hearing all of her theories was very helpful and showed me that, so far, everything still works as intended. Now, all that’s left to see is if the conclusion to the story works as well and… if it feels satisfying.

I’ve spent some more time to ensure just that, so I’ve been struggling a bit more with my perfectionism, but hopefully, I will have everything ready by tomorrow, so Natsu can have a look at the final chapter as well. Either way, I’d like to finally conclude this long-lasting writing journey and commit myself to other tasks throughout July.

If you’re a patron, you can check out the post linked above to learn what exactly we’re up to, but publicly, I’m gonna have to be vague for a little while longer (sorry!). So what can I tell you regarding our plans for July? Well…

I will continue going through SHINRAI, since what we’re working on includes a little update for the game. I will share more details in August, as we plan to have it ready for this year’s anniversary, but it will take the feedback into consideration we’ve been getting throughout the past four years. If you’re a new player who has just decided to get the game during the summer sale, please consider leaving a review or letting us know your feedback and suggestions in some other way, shape or form!

We’ve actually received a new review just today (thank you so much!), which brought up an interesting point I would like to address with the update. So if there are things that bug you, please let us know and we can look into ways how to improve them!

So yeah, that will be our main focus for the upcoming month. Please stay tuned for more info!
Until then, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care! :3