Aug 31

Weekly Update #263: Plans For September

Okay, so first of all, in case you might have missed it: the extended demo for GENBA no Kizuna has finally been released!

It can be downloaded either through this MediaFire link, or over on itch.io. For more information on the release and all the changes compared to our first demo, please check out this posting.

Now, with that out of the way, let’s dive right into this week’s update and our plans from here on out!

During this past week, I’ve been busy with some follow-up work regarding our demo release, but I also used it to relax a little.
The week leading up to the release was particularly stressful and chaotic, so I really needed a little breather. There’s also still a lot of stuff going on in my private life, from renovations to bigger changes that are just around the corner (and which I’m looking forward to, so it’s not like this is anything negative).

As a result, the next couple of weeks are probably going to be really busy, too. Nevertheless, I’m going to work as much as I can on GENBA, because I’m really fired up for it! Especially now that the new demo is finally out. We’ve been working on its content for so long, I can’t wait to finally get to new scenes! As a matter of fact, I even finished writing one just today!

I’ve mentioned this before, but I just want to focus on writing for a while now. I’ll continue working on assets here and there, but my main goal is to make significant progress on the script and finish a first draft for the whole game.

Right now, the first chapter is almost fully written. 70% of it can be found in our new demo, but I still need to revise the remaining 30%. And I want to add three new scenes to it as well, all of which are relatively short. The scene I wrote today was actually one of them, so only two more to go! Yay!

As for the second chapter, the beginning is written, as well as a few scenes here and there, but everything beyond that only exists in (admittedly very detailed) key notes.

So yeah, that’s what I want to spend the next few weeks and months on. And chapter 1’s finalization obviously takes priority. The rest of it also won’t really need that many new assets. Just two new backgrounds and a few more sprite variations. So after the new scenes have been written and the revision process is done, we could actually get to coding it soon, too.

That’s the nice thing about all of this in general. The vast majority of assets finally exists. Chapter 2 will obviously need a few new ones as well, but it’s not even close to all the stuff we had to prepare for the extended demo. Which means that the development process should pick up pace from now.

It also means that I actually won’t have that much in terms of asset-WIPs to share throughout September, but there are still a few things patrons can look forward to. I’ll definitely share the script for the new scene (which directly follows the events of our extended demo) and I’m going to commission another BGM track, which I’ll upload the moment Solo has finished it! And maybe now’s a good time to finally get back to those postings about some of our older, unreleased projects…

We’re also slowly going to start preparing for Halloween, starting with a new art poll very soon. August turned out to be so busy that I kinda forgot to post one for September… “orz Sorry about that!

Anyway, I guess that’s more or less it for today. Just one other thing real quick: last week, I was talking about disabling the comments on these blog posts, but maybe I’ve stumbled across a settings combination that actually protects us from the ridiculous amounts of spam now. So for now, posting comments is still possible, but only for postings that aren’t older than 14 days.

Now, as always, I wish you to have a great remainder of your weekend! Until next Saturday, take care! :3