Feb 09

Weekly Update #234: The Pack Leader

If you’re following us on Twitter, you might have already seen him, but here is the final introduction card for Ryuunosuke Hazama, head of Raptor Pack Productions and one of the four suspects in GENBA no Kizuna‘s murder case!

I’ve shared a few tiny bits and pieces of information about him before, and if you want to learn more about the meaning behind his name, or the inspirations for his design, you can check out this post over on Patreon, which is publicly available (meaning that you don’t need to pledge in order to view it).

Outside of what I’ve already shared in the postings linked above, I honestly don’t want to say anything else about him, though.
I’d rather have you get to know him by playing the actual game. You will, however, be able to get a first glimpse of him in our extended demo. So I’m very excited to finally finish and share it very soon, hopefully!

Speaking of the extended demo, work has obviously continued on it. This past week, I’ve been busy with script revisions, some more sprite work, as well as the very first CG of the game. Patrons will most likely get an early look at it a little later this month.

Also on the topic of Patreon, the next monthly art poll has just been published, so patrons can now start voting on who will be featured in next month’s White Day illustration! A first look at the Valentine‘s artwork has also been posted just the other day, which you can find here. That’s, of course, another thing I’ve been busy with over the last couple of days and it’s ready for coloring now!

Natsu is also working on properly coloring/shading our other three suspects, so keep an eye on Twitter throughout the rest of the month, if you want to see their introductions cards, too!

Anyway, that’s about it for today. With the Valentine‘s artwork out of the way, I will fully commit myself to the next scene in GENBA now. Let’s see how much progress I’ll be able to make before next Saturday’s update! So until then, please take care! And as always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend as well :3