Feb 18

Weekly Update #183: The Characters of GENBA no Kizuna

Now that the Valentine’s artwork is out of the way, I’ve been going back to the character profiles for GENBA no Kizuna during the last two days. Which is why I thought I might as well talk about those a little as well as the number of characters in general.

As you can see above, the Profiles section is directly integrated into the DPA/Notebook Menu this time around, rather than being accessible from the Main Menu as it was the case in SHINRAI.

Another thing you probably have noticed already is the page indicator to the bottom right. Once again, there will be two pages of profiles, displaying seven characters each for a total of fourteen.

We have already introduced the four playable main characters which are part of the investigation team, as well as their supervisor.

I have also previously revealed this character on my private Twitter account and patrons can currently check out the four (or rather five?) suspect characters over on Patreon, one of which has also been featured in our New Year’s artwork.

Together, that’s eleven characters which have already been revealed one way or another. As for the last three… one of them is going to be Dr. Kaseki who I have already mentioned here and there and who was the original owner of the Kaseki Residence.
The other two… I’ll keep a secret for a little while longer!

Now, you should keep in mind that, although there are fourteen character slots, not all of them will play that big of a role.
The victim, for example, which will already be dead by the start of the game, is a character you will not be able to talk to, obviously. Throughout the investigation, you will learn more about them, however, and eventually see them in action through flashbacks.

Dr. Kaseki has also passed away a couple of years prior to the events of GENBA and one slot goes to a… rather peculiar member of the cast. If you’re a patron, then you should know who I mean if you check out Suspect Character Design #4.

Excluding Dr. Kaseki and that peculiar cast member, the characters can be categorized as follows:
5 members of the police force, 4 suspects, 2 witnesses and 1 victim.

That’s what you can expect in terms of characters from GENBA!

As for the character profiles, they will consist of two pages: a basic information page you will receive upon meeting a new character, and an advanced information page which will be added later on, once you have uncovered more about the character through personal interaction or by making progress with the investigation.

Here’s a quick little glimpse at Himatsu’s basic profile page:

I guess that’s it for today, so… time to get back to work!
As always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3