Mar 30

Weekly Update #504: Another Quick Update

Alright, since today was pretty busy and it’s a bit late now, we’ll unfortunately have to settle with another super quick post today.
And I figured I might as well take the opportunity to direct you towards a couple other, lengthier posts we’ve published recently.
With GENBA no Kizuna nearing its completion, we have started to get into some release-relevant topics, the two major ones discussed so far being:

Also, we have recently unveiled the game’s vocalized theme song, so if you haven’t heard it yet, you can have a listen and learn a bit more about it and the talent behind it here:

I hope to delve into the next bigger topic very soon, but at the moment, we’re just too busy wrapping up the game, so that we can prepare for the beta-testing phase. In fact, the topic of beta-testing will likely be the next major topic, although that might end up being a Patreon-only thing.

Before we can provide a full test version, however, there is yet a bit more to do, such as making some adjustments to the previous chapters, as I’ve mentioned in last week’s blog post. I’ve already jumped into this task over the last few days and would like to get back to it ASAP, given that I won’t have that much time for dev work over Easter, sooo…

While I get back to my dev duties now, I wish you not only a pleasant remainder of your weekend, but a very Hoppy Easter and an eggcellent time! Until next Saturday, take care :3