Nov 25

Weekly Update #486: Final Social Phase

As you can tell from the title, this week, I’ve been working on the final social phase of GENBA no Kizuna. The game may not have a dedicated epilogue chapter like SHINRAI did, but that doesn’t mean that the story just ends with the credits right after the case has been successfully solved. You will get one more chance to talk to all three of your team members to wrap up their individual arcs.

All three conversations are basically separated into two parts. First, you exchange some general words with Himatsu, Shinketsu and Rei and then, if you have gathered all the required “social points” for them, you’ll get an additional bonus scene in which they will open up a bit to Keiichi about the true nature of their struggles and motivations.

Social points are gained by spending time with the characters throughout the game (duh). There are a lot of optional conversations with them that can be skipped if you simply want to focus on the story, but if you want to see the aforementioned bonus scenes, you might wanna take every opportunity you can get to check in on them. Just spending time is not enough, though. There are also a couple of dialogue options for each character and you gain further points by picking the correct choices. Now, while I didn’t want to make it too obvious which the correct choices are, I also don’t think it’s gonna be too difficult to pinpoint them. After all, I’d rather have people see the bonus scenes than not, but at the same time, they should also feel like a reward.

Oh, by the way, some of the bonus scenes, such as Rei‘s, will also feature extra CGs and they’re among my favorites, so yeah…
Be sure to take your role as leader serious and be nice and social with your team!

Anyway, I’m working on all three character scenes at the same time, alternating between them and have made good progress on them all. They’re pretty difficult to write, however, because… well, let’s just say that these final scenes are another major aspect of why the title of this project translates to “bonds of the crime scene”, so it’s really important to me to get them right.

Still, I hope to finish them very soon, which would only leave me with the final Nobuhiko scene that concludes the game for real!

Well, that wraps up this week’s blog post, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend now and, until next Saturday, take care :3