Oct 26

Steam Scream Fest – The Revenge

Last year, we sadly weren’t part of Steam‘s official Halloween event and therefore had to run our own little custom sale. This time, however, they have accepted us and so our murder mystery SHINRAI – Broken Beyond Despair is part of their second Scream Fest! As you can see above, the event will last until November 2 and, until then, you’ll be able to grab our little visual novel, as well as its complete soundtrack, for 50% off!

As always, there’s a bundle available for an additional 10% off and the same deal is offered over on itch as well!

If you’re more interested in the console ports, however, then you’re in luck too, because the Sony PlayStation 4/5 and Nintendo Switch versions are also currently on sale! So if you want to add another platinum trophy to your collection, or solve murder on the go, we’ve got you covered in those regards as well!

Now, if you’re still unsure whether or not SHINRAI might be your thing, check out some of our Steam Reviews or maybe even the recently posted Fuwanovel review! Hopefully, those will get you convinced! And if you’ve already experienced SHINRAI, there’s always our upcoming next project GENBA no Kizuna, which is eagerly waiting for you to add it to your wishlist!

Buy the game here: