Aug 19

Weekly Update #472: Chapter IV Almost Complete!

I’m officially on “vacation” now until mid-September, so for basically a whole month! Which really just translates to me having to spend 20 hours less every week on my part-time day job and dedicating all that time to VN development instead!
And naturally, I want to make the most out of it, which I’ve already started with during these last few days!

Right now, I’m getting the last zip package ready, needed for Natsu to code the rest of GENBA no Kizuna‘s final investigation phase.
As you can see above, there’s already a lot of stuff in there. Evening variations for a number of backgrounds, new sprite variations for a handful of characters, choice buttons, etc. What’s left missing now are a couple more sound effects, one new BGM track which Solo is currently working on, and the last couple of DPA entries. I need to write up two more in the evidence category and then another for the report category, summarizing the conclusion of the team’s latest investigative efforts.

The script is done. Finished my final revision run today, actually. I will spend the next couple of days getting the remaining pieces ready, so I can send everything over to Natsu and, at long last, state that all that’s left to worry about is the grand conclusion!

As mentioned many times before, the final chapter (or more accurately: the final “confrontation phase”) will unfold similarly to SHINRAI‘s fifth chapter. Keiichi and Co. will confront the suspects one last time, unravel all the mysteries and finally name the killer!
I can’t yet say how long it’s going to end up being, but it’s for sure going to be a hell of a lot shorter than the previous phase!

With there being no epilogue chapter either, the story is therefore heading towards its conclusion finally. Which, naturally, I’m feeling very excited about! Obviously, we still have a lot of work ahead of us in terms of actually getting this final part done and then dealing with play-testing and prepping for the release and stuff, but after having spent so much time on this long-ass investigation phase…

Well, it just feels great to put a big old checkmark behind it!

So yeah, starting from next Saturday, I’ll very likely be talking about my progress on the final phase! Until then, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care :3

(PS: Yes, I’m still using Windows XP on my desktop PC, but why would I ever downgrade from the best operating system??)