Jul 29

Weekly Update #469: Background Art Done!

As you may have already seen on Twitter, all of the background art for GENBA no Kizuna is finally done! Which not only means that we are another big step closer to its completion, but that I can also give you some final stats on this category of assets now:

GENBA will feature 14 unique pieces of background art, many of which have multiple variations, from simple daylight changes (day/sunset/night) to versions with changed or added details (pre- and mid-investigation). For instance, while in one of its depictions, the main hall can be seen with its skylight closed and the T-Rex animatronic standing upright, in another the skylight is open with a crane hook coming through, while the animatronic is lying on the ground. And in yet another variation, numerous recovered pieces of evidence are spread out on the ground.

Now, if you include all those variations (minus the various “darkness” backgrounds, since they do not really count in my opinion), the total number of backgrounds actually rises to 29!

So yeah, that’s a pretty big achievement in my book. No more worrying about BGs! And that’s not the only asset category that’s done.
Well, at least another one is almost finished as well: the evidence illustrations for the DPA entries!

I’m still debating on whether or not I should do one more. Theoretically, for the final piece of evidence, I could simply use pre-existing art to depict in its DPA entry. However, in this particular case, I think it might be just important enough to whip up a dedicated illustration for it. I’ll think about that some more in the coming days, but this particular piece of evidence aside… everything else is done in this regard, too!

I’ve also already created the chapter intro screen for GENBA‘s grand finale, which may be a simple thing, but it’s at least a thing I can share publicly again, as it isn’t riddled with spoilers, so here you go:

The final investigation phase still isn’t fully done yet, but we’ve reached the point where I can and kinda have to move a little bit into the beginning of the final confrontation phase now. So, while I sadly can’t officially claim “only one more chapter” yet, we are inching closer to that moment!

Anyway, private life matters currently keep me very busy and my mind tied to other places again, which is why I’ve primarily tackled art this past week. It was just really difficult to focus on writing. However, I did make some good progress in that regard as well.

For now, I will keep sticking to asset work, though, and return to it for the rest of the evening as well.
In the meantime, I hope you’re spending a very chill and relaxing weekend! Until next Saturday, take care :3