Jul 01

Weekly Update #465: More BG Art Progress

Alright, so there’s your first look at the backyard of the Kaseki residence! It’s not 100% done yet, as I still need to fix the lighting conditions, but other than that, nothing else will change. By tomorrow evening, I’m planning to have both backyard BGs, including their variations (the investigation is supposed to take place at the beginning of the “golden hour”), fully done.

To be honest, there are actually quite a few things that I would ideally work on a bit more, but apart from the fact that I really need to get done with these BGs already, there are, at this point in development, certain limitations to what I can do.

The first background artwork for GENBA was created all the way back in 2017, so quite a few years have passed ever since.
I think, even back then, you could already see a big improvement in quality, when you compared it to the BGs in SHINRAI and I want to say that, ever since, I have further improved and could theoretically do an even better job now.

However, it would be very weird if there is a noticeable discrepancy in quality between th BGs in GENBA, so, for the sake of consistency, I kinda need to hold myself back a little and can’t really do too many things different with newer BGs. The only alternative would be to redo the old ones, buuut… that’s definitely out of the question!!

It’s the same deal with the character art as well. If you look at the most recent promo arts I did, I do want to believe that the characters look at least a tiny bit better than the very first sprites I did for GENBA. So, when I was working on Nobuhiko‘s new pose, for instance, part of me wanted to make a lot of change to all of his sprites, but I obviously couldn’t, haha…

That’s one of the many issues when you work on a project for this long. Although I am slowly improving my skills, at some point, I needed to purposely hold myself back, which obviously prevents me from improving even further. That’s part of the reason why I enjoyed working on the promo arts so much. Each one was an opportunity to try out something new and improve a little, because, in those cases, art consistency didn’t really matter all that much.

But welp, all the more reason to finally finish GENBA, I guess w

Anyway, one thing I can definitely say for sure after working on the most recent BGs is that I will outsource this part of the work and hire an artist for the next project. Although I do enjoy drawing BGs as well, I really can’t keep doing everything by myself, if I want to speed things up. And between drawing characters and drawing backgrounds, I definitely prefer the former, so yeah…

I’ll be very curious myself to see what our next project will look like, but for now, GENBA is still our priority and I’ll have to keep doing the remaining BG stuff all by myself. Thankfully, though, there isn’t much left in terms of that!

Now then, I guess that’s really all I’m gonna say for today. Jurassic June is over and I sadly wasn’t able to get done what I had hoped to unveil during it, so I’m gonna continue working on that in July now. I’ll say more when the time actually comes, but for now, I wish you to have a great remainder of your weekend, while I’ll get back to work! Until next Saturday, take care :3