Apr 29

Weekly Update #456: Plans For May

Last week, I talked a little about some of the difficulties that come along with writing an interactive murder mystery visual novel with non-linear segments, so if you’re curious about some of the struggles I’ve been facing while working on the latest investigation routes, please go ahead and check it out! As for today’s blog post, we’re going to get back to a more regular progress update.

At the moment, I’m once again busy finishing up the last few things to send Natsu the next batch of routes for programming.
This mainly includes some GUI assets again, as well as a couple of DPA entries. There is a new CG included in the latest route, however, and while I can’t really share or say anything about it here, patrons can have a first WIP-look at it right over here!

Now, since April is about to come to a close and a new month about to start, it’s once again time to think about our goals for the next four weeks, which will mainly revolve around asset creation this time around. I really want to tackle the last few backgrounds needed for GENBA no Kizuna, so that we can at long last wrap up the penultimate chapter. It’s not much longer until Jurassic June and I’d really like to provide more details and clarity on the release during that special month, so I gotta step up the dev game!

Thankfully, the hardest parts are pretty much behind me now. Chapter four has been one hell of a challenge for a variety of reasons and I can’t wait to put it behind me already and fully delve into the fifth and final one!

But yeah, there’s so much left to do, I’d better get right back to work. I’d really like to finish up a couple more DPA entries today.
Before that, however, I have once again a little something to share with you, namely this little cutie-patootie:This is the result of Fefi giving her children’s book inspired take on our crime scene technician Rei! As always, I’ve added the image to our gallery where you can also see her take on Keiichi and Himatsu. Probably not hard to guess who you might see next, eh? w

Now, as always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care :3