Mar 18

Weekly Update #449: Laundry Room

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, there wasn’t much left to do regarding the laundry room, so I have finally finished it and decided to share a little preview with you! Now, I gotta admit that, technically, it’s not 100% done. As you can see, there is a picture of Amber hanging on the wall to the right, but that’s currently just a placeholder. I don’t want to say what it’s going to be replaced with, however, so you’ll just have to see for yourselves in the finished game!

I also want to adjust the lighting a little more, but other than that… it’s done! All the important stuff’s there and well… it’s a laundry room, so there isn’t too much going on! The investigation in it will also be relatively short, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t find some extremely crucial pieces of evidence in there!

Now, BG work aside, I’ve mostly continued working on the script again and am currently busy with Himatsu‘s next questioning route.
Not too much I can say about that though (spoilers), so I guess this will be just another really short post, since I’d also like to get back to work, as I’m planning to have 80% of her route done by tomorrow evening!

Before I get to the usual goodbye routine, however, I do have one more thing to share with you:

Check out this super adorable Shiku! Just like the Amber I shared a little while ago, she’s also been drawn by fellow VN dev Jun!
She’s still open for commissions, in case you’d like some cute icons for yourselves, so be sure to check out her Ko-fi!

Now, as always, I wish you to have an enjoyable remainder of your weekend! Until next Saturday, take care :3