Mar 04

Weekly Update 447: Asset Progress

As the title suggests, this past week, I’ve been mostly busy with asset work, the latest result of which you can see above: a new expression for the character Tsume. She’s finally going to make a full body appearance in Shinketsu‘s next route. Overall, she will only have very limited screen time, so there won’t be any pose variations, but given the nature of the scene, I at least needed additional expressions.

Now, aside from her, I’ve mostly taken care of DPA entries. If you’re a patron, you can learn a little more about them and even see a couple of previews as well as get some behind-the-scenes info in our latest Patreon post. All I’m going to say here is that both Keiichi‘s and Rei‘s next investigation routes are finally ready for coding! It took a little longer, because I completely forgot a very crucial part of them (or maybe subconsciously repressed any thought of it, because I don’t like it), but there was still the sound side of things to deal with and we needed quite a few new sound effects!

Still, everything’s done now, so, as you could probably tell from the first paragraph, I’ve already moved on to Shin‘s next route!
It doesn’t require any major assets and the script is finalized for the most part, but there is one very important and somewhat delicate scene which will require a bit more time to get right. And yes, that’s the one involving Tsume.

Sadly, anything else would go too deeply into spoiler territory, so I guess I’ll have to stop here! Before we completely wrap up, however, there is one last thing I’d like to share with you. Namely, this little Amber drawn by fellow VN developer Jun:

Isn’t she just super adorable?? As always, I’ve added the image to our gallery where you can find more artwork from various artists.
And if you’d like to have a chibi icon like this one for yourself, Jun‘s open for commissions, so be sure to give her Ko-fi page a look! Also, on that note, you should check out her visual novel Neko no Sentouki, too! It’s currently still in development, but there is a demo available, which I actually tried out back in January and really enjoyed! It’s got some fun writing and characters and a little bit of them The World Ends With You vibes (which is a game I really love), so if that sounds like your type of thing, I’d definitely recommend it!

Now please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care :3