Jan 14

Weekly Update #440: Chapter IV Progress

First of all, in case you have missed them, our last two blog posts contained our 2022 retrospect in which we took a look back at what we’ve managed to accomplish over the past twelve months, as well as our plans for 2023. For patrons, I have also published a special blog post with a few additional and more personal thoughts. So, if you want to get up to speed on the general state of things regarding the development of our next project, those are the best ways to get a quick overview!

With that out of the way, let’s talk about what we’ve managed to get done during the second week of the new year!

I’m pleased to announce that Natsu has been working on the code again and is currently in the process of making the first set of investigation routes in GENBA no Kizuna‘s penultimate chapter fully playable! There isn’t much left to do, so that’s obviously a huge and exciting step forward. Not only that, she’s also colored some more art assets, so that I can now, for instance, finish up the CG for the next set of investigation routes! If you’re a patron, you can look forward to seeing the finished CG later this month.

As for me, I’ve been working on the New Year‘s artwork which patrons already can get a first glimpse of here. That aside, I’ve spent most of the week on further preparations to finally launch our Steam store page. After a few more technical difficulties, the trailer is almost ready at last. Unless there should be any problems during Valve‘s review process, I hope to launch the store page very soon, ideally later this upcoming week.

Afterwards, I will be back to fully dedicate myself to GENBA‘s fourth chapter which I’ve at least continued to do a little bit of script refinement on every here and there.

That more or less sums it up for this week, so I’m gonna get back to work now and hope that you’ll enjoy the rest of your weekend!
Until next Saturday, take care :3