Dec 24

Merry Christmas!

This year, GENBA no Kizuna‘s grumpy little T-Rex fanboy is here to wish you some not so grumpy Happy Holidays!
If even Ryuunosuke can relax and put on a smile to enjoy a cozy Christmas, hopefully, you can do so as well!
At the very least, that’s what Natsu and I wish for you! So please have a chill, safe and very merry time!

Ryuu‘s actually the first of the GENBA Guys getting a Christmas artwork. The GENBA Girls Christmas Series was completed last year, so if you’re curious to see how they’ve dressed up for the Holidays, you can find them in our gallery or check them out here:
Himatsu, Rei, Amber, Shiku.

Also, if you’re a patron, you can get a hi-res version of the artwork, along with a version of just Ryuu himself without any text, background or dinosaur skulls!