Nov 05

Weekly Update #430: Plans For November

Welp, Halloween has sadly passed and we’re now slowly moving towards the end of the year. Strange to think it’s not even two months left until the new one. There is definitely a lot we’d like to accomplish during this final stretch of 2022, however!

Of course, the completion of chapter four of GENBA no Kizuna remains our highest priority. As such, I have continued work on the script and also started drawing the next piece of background art. This time around, I’m tackling the laundry room of the Kaseki residence, which will be part of an interactive investigation segment again, so it requires a bit more thought than other BGs.

I’ll probably post a preview of it on Patreon next week, so if you’re supporting us there, be sure to keep your eyes peeled!
I have also planned a special Patreon post for later this month. The SHINRAI side project I’ve been talking about every once in a while takes place on November 18, 2010, so I thought it’d be fun to finally share the first few details on it and show off some stuff that’s already been worked on, such as script excerpts and artwork!

Other than that, this month will be entirely dedicated to GENBA, though. I’d really like to get the second third of chapter four done by the end of it, leaving me with one more month for the final third. So yeah, that’s the plan. Ideally, we’ll start 2023 off with only the final chapter left (which, thankfully, is also going to be significantly shorter again)!

I really underestimated how long chapter four would become, due to the enormous amounts of interactivity within it, but…
As a result, I think it’ll also be a really fun one!

Now, in other news, the PC and PlayStation discounts may have ended, but the Nintendo Switch version of SHINRAI has now gone on sale, so if you want to do some mystery solving while on the go, be sure to grab it for 50% off!

That wraps it up for today, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care :3