Aug 20

Weekly Update #418: Chapter 3 Beta-Testing

At long last, I’m finally able to go through the third chapter myself in its fully playable state! I’ll need at least one more day to finish my beta-test run, but the most complex and worrying part is already taken care of. There definitely are a couple of bugs left, mostly of the presentation kind, which don’t necessarily hinder gameplay, but do certainly affect the visual aspect of it. That said, the whole case debate seems to work just fine, which is a huge relief, of course!

Rather than simply copy the code we used in SHINRAI, Natsu wanted to use the opportunity to improve and refine it a little, so there was a concern that maybe things might get broked and not for anymore as intended.

However, from what I can tell, it very much does! And I’ve certainly been very thorough…

This was quite honestly one of the more annoying parts about making a visual novel. In order to ensure that absolutely everything works flawlessly, I had to present every single piece of evidence at every single evidence presentation prompt… and there are a lot of pieces of evidence and a lot of prompts, so this sure took a while, ahahah…

It seems as though we should be able to finish the new demo just in time for the anniversary, though!

If you’re curious to already catch a glimpse of what’s going to await you in GENBA no Kizuna‘s third chapter, I’ve been posting lots of screenshots today on my private Twitter, as I went through it, so here you can find a few: Social Phases, Evidence Presentation.

As for the rest of this past week, I’ve been very busy with script and CG work on chapter four, but since that’s something I can’t go into too much detail yet, I guess we’ll leave things at that. I’m pretty exhausted from all the non-stop testing today anyway, since I was initially aiming to get it all done within the day, but alas… my brain, eyes and body overall need a break now!

Next Saturday, we’re already gonna be a day past the anniversary, so please look forward to more info in just a little bit!

Until then, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and take care! :3