Apr 23

Weekly Update #401: Soundtrack Progress

As you may have already seen over on Twitter, our composer Solo Acapello was quite a bit faster than I anticipated, so the new tracks I’ve talked about in last week’s blog post have been finished now! If you’re a patron, you can check out both pieces in full length here: Triassic Trial Grounds, Cornered Prey.

For non-patrons, we have also uploaded another BGM sample video to our YouTube channel, so you can listen to a quick preview of the new tracks. The video also contains a third one which hasn’t been publicly unveiled up till now:

Now that I have worked quite a bit on the script for chapter three and put some more thought into it, I can also say for sure that one more piece of music will be needed for it. As a matter of fact, I have already talked about it with Solo, so he’s gonna work on it soon. This time around, it will be a little more complex, though, and we’ll try out something different.

I don’t want to get into too much detail here yet, but the idea is to use crossfade to have the music transition into a more energetic version at certain points during the case debates, as they get a little more heated.

There is also something else I’ve discussed with Solo, which I’m super excited about, but for now, I sadly will have to keep it a mystery. It will be something we will tackle towards the end of the game, once the actual soundtrack is fully composed.
Which it is actually getting very close to now! Maybe four or five more tracks and it will be done!

Anyway, music aside, I’ve also continued to work on the script again, but as per usual, there isn’t much I can say about it.
I did, however, also tackle some of the required assets for chapter three and can at least show this to you:

Just like in SHINRAI, there will be certain points in the debates where you will need to accuse one of the suspect characters.
Like, for instance, when a question would come up such as “who was the last one to interact with the victim?”

You’d then get presented with the screen above (a variation of the route selection screen, just with the four members of Raptor Pack Productions, as you can see), pick the respective suspect and click on “accuse” to do just that.

Well, guess that’s about all I can really share and it’s time to get back to work anyway, so, as always, I wish you to have an enjoyable weekend and, until next Saturday, please take care :3