Aug 07

Weekly Update #364: Quick Progress Update

As mentioned in last week’s blog post, I’ve spent the first couple days of August doing some play-testing. Not for GENBA, though.
I’ve been going through SHINRAI yet again for a very particular reason. It’s still a bit too soon to elaborate on it, so I’m really sorry for all the secretiveness, but this little side project is almost done now. I really only need to take care of one more asset-related task and then just have to wait and see as our partners take care of the rest. By the 26th, I’ll definitely be able to finally unveil things, though!

Until then, I’ll get back to GENBA. I worked on the sprites for our two witness characters some more, one of them only missing a couple more facial expressions now. I wish I could share some previews, but with these two, I’d really like players to meet them in the actual game, so even in this regard, I gotta continue to be secretive, haha.

Work on the script has continued as well and next up, I’ll tackle the remaining three DPA entries for the first chapter. Almost forgot about them… tomorrow, they should be done, though. And then, I guess I can finally get to the second chapter!

Not really much else I can say at the moment, so I guess we’ll leave it at this for today. Wanna get back to work now anyway, so please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3