Jul 31

Weekly Update #363: Plans For August

July’s almost over and another month about to begin, which means it’s time to set up a plan and some goals!
As always, there are some very specific things I’d like to get done, so without further ado, let’s take a closer look at them…

First of all, my part on the first chapter of GENBA no Kizuna is basically done now. The next step is for Natsu to finish coloring the remaining assets and then coding the last three scenes into the game. As mentioned in last week’s blog post, she’s currently busy with some other things, so it might take a little while longer until the first chapter is fully playable.

That’s one of the big goals we’re aiming for, however. By the 26th, which marks SHINRAI‘s 5th anniversary, we’d like to release the entire first chapter to patrons and finally switch out the current demo build on itch.io with the updated one that will contain a lot of minor changes and fixes, the final art assets and the newly introduced narrative segments.

All that’s left for me to do in that regard is some play-testing once Natsu‘s done with the coding, so what am I gonna do until then?
Well, play-testing! Not in regards to GENBA, though… I’ll be spending the first couple days of August taking care of something we’ve been working on the side for almost a year now. And hopefully, we can finally share the details about it publicly on the anniversary as well (if you’re a patron, you can already learn about it here if you haven’t already).

Once that task is taken care of, I will then move on to work on GENBA‘s second chapter, something I’ve actually started on this past week as well. Since pure script work was a bit tiresome, I already went ahead to work on the sprite variations for our secret witness characters who will be introduced in Keiichi‘s investigation route. I’d like to get all their sprites done by the end of August, along with the script for Keiichi‘s route and, ideally, Himatsu‘s. Both of them are mostly written already, so it should be doable.

Anyway, that’s what I’m gonna be aiming for. And in order to fulfill that goal, I’m gonna get right back to work now! Though, before we wrap this up, I’d like to once again share a neat little piece of fanart with you! This time, Faulerro did one of Himatsu:

Be sure to check out our gallery to see his Amber as well! As you may imagine, seeing artwork of GENBA‘s characters already, despite the game not being done yet, sure puts a big smile on my face, haha.

Now, as always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3