May 30

Weekly Update #302: Chapter 4 Progress Update

Once again, I have spent most of my time writing this week, now actually breaking the 40,000 word mark for GENBA no Kizuna‘s 4th chapter. I really didn’t expect it to become this long, but it is the part of the story in which the core investigation work is being done, similar to SHINRAI. Unlike our previous VN, however, there are a lot more places to investigate this time!

After struggling for a bit during the first half of the week, I’ve managed to overcome all the major roadblocks I’ve hit in terms of structure and really made some headway during the past two days. And although all of this is still in early draft territory, I’m becoming more and more satisfied with the flow of the overall story.

Just the other day, Natsu gave me an initial reaction to the first part of the chapter too, which sounded very promising, so I can’t wait to get her full feedback later today. I’ve also prepared the next part to send her right away!

So what actually is left to be done now before the 4th chapter is finally taken care of? The last part of it is almost fully written. It’s really just about revision work, finding the right places to squeeze in a few more scenes in a natural way, and to wrap up the chapter. Really, the biggest problem will be to figure out how to end it and lead into the grand finale in a satisfying way.

Just as a reminder, the 5th chapter outline is more or less done already, but will need some adjustments, due to some changes I’ve made throughout chapter 4. Nevertheless, GENBA‘s story is almost set in stone, which is very exciting! After all this writing, I really can’t wait to seriously get back into some asset work soon, haha.

To warm up a bit, I’m currently working on an illustration for Jurassic June. Patrons can keep an eye out for a preview I’ll be posting soon, but the final artwork will be published publicly around mid-June, probably.

I’ve also continued going through SHINRAI for reasons I can’t exactly specify yet, but as we get closer to its 4th anniversary, you can expect to hear some big news soon. For now, that’s all I can say, though.

Now, as always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3