Nov 30

Weekly Update #276: Minor Details Of Major Importance

Work on background art continues! Unfortunately, I can’t really show anything regarding my progress on Ryuunosuke‘s room just yet, not even another new preview for patrons. It’s almost done now though, missing just a few more tiny details… of rather huge importance! Which leads me into today’s topic and to something I can actually show you, even if you might have already seen it before: the main hall of the Kaseki Residence in its original state, prior to the incident that sparked GENBA no Kizuna‘s events.

It’s difficult to elaborate on without getting into spoilers, but working on the BG for Ryuunosuke‘s room required me to go back to the main hall as well. Now that the details of the case have been set in stone, I needed to make some adjustments. The biggest difference you will notice is the addition of a giant red carpet. This actually has nothing to do with the case. It’s something I decided to do due to some feedback I’ve received after the release of our extended demo.

The lower half of the background looked pretty dull and empty, since it merely depicted the dark floor. In many instances, you don’t really notice, since the textbox is taking up that space. However, it’s very noticeable during the investigation segments. So in order to bring a bit more color into all the darkness, I simply decided to add a big, red carpet.

Now, let’s get to the minor changes, which you might not even really notice at all. The skull on the upper right door has changed from Velociraptor to Triceratops, indicating that this room now belongs to Terano rather than Shiku (each member of the Raptor Pack has the skull of their favorite dinosaur on the door to their room).

On the BG, this is a very tiny change. But for the story, it has major importance. Obviously, I cannot go into detail about this without getting into spoilers, but it is extremely important that that specific room now belongs to Terano.

The other change is the addition of a supporting pillar under the belly of our big ol’ Rexy. Why was this necessary? Well, in order to keep her from taking a nosedive, due to the weight of all the elaborate and heavy machinery inside of her, of course (there are anchors holding her feet in place too, but those are hidden by the fake grass).

I had wanted to add this pillar for a long while now, but waited until I knew what other changes were necessary, so that I could actually finish this background up for good. And now that time has finally come! What you can see above is the final version of this background, with all the important details in place. Needless to say, that supporting pillar is going to play a big part in solving the mystery, too.

It’s things like these that make background art for a murder mystery quite a headache sometimes. They need to be meticulously crafted, just like the mystery itself. The same is going on with Ryuunosuke‘s room right now. Just today, I noticed another tiny detail I forgot to add… which is actually of major importance. Once that one’s added, however, I will finally have finished that BG as well!

Anyway, before we come to a close for today, I’d like to let our patrons know that the poll for the New Year’s artwork is now up, so be sure to head over to Patreon and let us know which character you’d like to see featured first in 2020!

Now, as always, please enjoy the rest of your weekend and, until next Saturday, take care! :3