Nov 16

Weekly Update #274: BG Art Progress

Whereas the last couple of weeks have been heavily writing-focused, this time, we’re talking a bit more art again. Although I have continued with planning and script preparations for the second chapter of GENBA, I have spent the last few days mostly with the BG art for Ryuunosuke‘s room, adding more and more detail.

Patrons can check out the most up-to-date preview right here. However, even non-patrons can finally get a first look, as I have made the very first preview post public now. You can check it out here. Outside of a few preview pics, it also contains some information about the way I tend to work on BG art, as well as my first experiences using the 3D-modeling software SketchUP Make.

Compared to the early peek you can see in that post, a lot has changed already. I will spend the next days adding even more detail, and hopefully finishing up the whole thing pretty soon. I do want to post the final artwork before the end of the month, after all.

But of course, I will also keep working on the script. While I will continue to delve deeper into the second chapter, I will also continue with the investigation scene that goes along with the background art. So patrons can expect to read it some time in December.

Now, on the topic of Patreon and December, I have also published the next art poll, finally. Patrons can now choose which of our characters is going to be featured in this year’s Christmas illustration! There are two GENBA and two SHINRAI characters up for selection and awaiting your vote!

That about wraps up this week’s progress report, so I’m off to work again. As for you, I hope you will enjoy the rest of your weekend! Until next Saturday, please take care! :3